Swaragini a new start episode 1


So hello guyz. I am really happy that you all liked it. Thanks for your comment. So in this FF ragini name will be mahira.
Hope you all will like it. Plz do comment.so lets start the episode.

Precap. Ragini barsi. Swasan and surbhi at temple.

Girl. Hi.
Suddenly wind blow and the scarf get down from the face.
Shocking swasan.
Swara. Ragini.
Girl. Ragini???.
Swara. Ha mein tumhari behna.
Sanskar. Ragini where were you we all missed you.
Mahira who was surprised by the way the talk.
Mahira. Sorry i am not ragini but i am mahira.
Swara. No you are lying.
Mahira. Why should i.
Swara. Ragini plz stop this.
Mahira. No i am not your ragini. Ia m mahira modi.
Swara. Ok.
Mahira. Thanks for under standing.
Swara. No problem. ( swara was brøken from inside and get teary eyed.)
Mahira who watch this say. Listen yaar i am not your sister but we can be sisters or friends.
Swara. Thanks.
Mahira. Most welcome.
Sanskar. Hello mahira i am sanskar.

Mahira. Hello.
Surbhi. Hello aunty.
Mahira. Plz bacha dont call me aunty. Call me mahira afterall i am young.
Swasan. Laugh.
Mahira. See you guyz.
Swara. Ok bye.
Mahira. Oh shit.
Swara. What.
Mahira. Forget too take your number.
Swara smile and tell her number.
Mahira leave.
Swara. Sanskar i am sure she is our ragini.
Sanskar. No swara she cant be our ragini.
Swara. Sanskar???.
Sanskar. Ha swara. Kis ko nahi batana iske ki baar mein ok.
Swara. Kya keha rah ho.
Sanskar. Ha such keha rah ho plz.
Swara ( angrliy). Ok sanskar maheswari.
Sanskar in shocked.

Surbhi papa.
Sanskar. Princess dont tell this to anyone.
Surbhi. Ok papa.
Swasan with surbhi leave the temple.

At home.
Swara goes to her room.
Sanskar. Beta.
Surbhi. Yes papa.
Sanskar. You sleep with badi maa ok.
Surbhi. Ok papa.
Sanskar. Badi ma is it ok.
Ap. Ha beta you dont worry.
Surbhi and ap leave to ap room.

Sanskar come in and see swara standing front og window. He goes to swara and hug her from back.
Swara. Sanskar plz leave me.
Sanskar. No swara plz.
Swara. Sna…
Sanskar put finger on her lips and say shhhhh.
Swara get quiet.
Sanskar kiss her forehead and then eyes, cheeks.
Swara blushes.
Sanskar goes back swara.
And kiss her back.
Swara shivers.
Sanskar then cups swara face and kiss her on her lips. Then sanskar lift her on his arm. And take her to bed. They C there married.

Laksh room.
Laksh come in his room and open cupboard and take the picture out. And say ragini.
Laksh i am sorry ragini. I love you so much.
Plz come back to your laksh plz.
Why did you leaved me.
Ragini plz comeback.
Laksh start crying and remember his moment with ragini.
He then goes out from the room and goes out from the house.
He take car and leave to pub.

Precap. Laksh sees a face and get happy and shocked.

Plz guyz comment. Then i will contiuned this fan fiction.
Hope you will like it.

Credit to: Roshini

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