swaragini (a new start from bitter fast) Episode 2


hellow friends please read it comment how was the story. the girl friends come and apriciatate her . kritika : u know what when u will marry ur husband will always keep u happy…bcz…u r a amazing ….now i’m become fan yar….(.both priya and kritika hug their friend and suddenly she run towars the home and come to her room and fall on the floor started crying ). ma,papa i missed u very much …and ragini….idon’t know how they r…everyting was finished….noting left…that all bcz….of him why god why i loved him so much why i faild to understand the reality…i loved him more than everything and his was the one i trusted most….but he only gave lie,betry..and bcz…of him my own parents trow me out from the house. the crying girl none other than swara….

here is another house …i know whatever i did was wrong but i love u swara i love very much ….bcz…of one helpless reason i had to do that….i know now u hate me ….but i can bear ur hatrness but i can’t loss u thats why i did that….. he’s none other than laksh……………..

in mm….in rgsan room…sanskar ready to go to the office … ragini: actually sanskar i was thinking …(.but he ignore her …) ragini : sanskar please come eary today ( but still he ignore her ) ragini : kabtak will u behave like this…( just then he dragged from her hand) san : haven’t u tired by doing acting like a ideal bahu and stop this nonsense ok.and yes never think that i ‘ll accept u as my wife …ur the bahu of our house not my wife…(he push her and went )

ragini started crying…i know i was wront nut i didn’t do it purposly…sanskar…i’m accept that to understanding it take while but i swear …..sanskar i never did that…. precap : what happening with all of them…

Credit to: bhagi

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  1. What happend between them

  2. lol bhagi…tumne inke sath kya kardiya? Yeh sab rohrahe hai…but thanks for making it swalak and ragsan

  3. Hey thanks for ragsan

  4. Thanxxx 4 ragsan. Eager to knw what happening between them. And really good start

  5. Can you make your writing clear plz. I get confused between whose talking

  6. i m not understanding this plzz clear and thnks for swaalak

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