swaragini (a new start from bitter past) Episode 1

hi friend i’m bhagi and i had just posted my frist ff .it’s about swasan lovestory …..this is my second ff ….it’s for swarya fans ….i’ll handle both stories….so please friend read it and comment how is it

.present. some boys are trying to misbehave with a girl in the market suddenly someonecome and slap hard the main boy… the girl : how dare u? do that main boy :hey girl how dare u slap me don” know who am i. the girl : hey mister i don” t care who r u ….. boy 1: hey ….girl go …..from here. the girl : no i don” t go …. just then the main boy dragged her hand and she slap 2 more …..

boy 2:hey … the girl : just shut up….otherwise i”ll do same to u did u get that idiot…okay ….tell me one thing don”t u guys doen’t respet u r family boy 1 :hey family kahase agaya beechme….. main boy :yes we have familes and also we respect our family members. the girl : then u have mother or sister…. main boy :of course but what r u asking for.

the girl : if u guys know how to respect u r mothers and sisters then whay can”t u respect anothers girls…..don”t foret they are also someones sisters …..u boys all r like same they just use girls nothing else.if uboys understand these respect meaning then no one will dare to misbehave with anyone….( the main boy goes toward the girl who is was trying to misbehave with her …and he knee down ) main boy : i’m really verry sorry really sorry ( another boys also come and aplogise to her) the girl : i’m really happy u guys realise ur mistake ….all the tree boys come to the girl ….and said sorry to her .

the girl : even i” m sorry ….for hitting u …and scold u guys . main boy : if u don n’t do it we never realise how wrong we r .we r very tankfull to u ……today on words we only respect girl if someone will try to misbehave with any girl we ll do what u did with us today. once again thank u…. boys are left . the girl come to another girl : u r a savior …..thank u thank u so much .and also she left.the girls friends come there also …..all the people in the market start clapping for her…

precap : the girl is crying badly….

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  1. nice …but make some long ….

  2. Will ragsan be in this?

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