Swaragini (A new phase of Life) Maha Episode


Hey guys thank u so much for liking my ff and yes I know I am going too fast so if ever I forgot to post any day thats why I am doing this…..

Recap:Swaragini were shown.Sanskaar proposed Ragini.

Its morning,Ragini runs to her mother and hugs her being happy.Sumi is surprised and asks what happened.Before Ragini could say anything the doorbell rings.Servant opens it and they are surprised seeing Maheshwari Family.Annapurna greets them and smiles seeing Ragini.She blesses her.Ragini sees Sanskaar and smiles.Laksh also comes there.Ragini calls Swara and asks her to come soon.Swara asks but why but Ragini cuts the call.Swara gets worried and rushes to Ragini’s place.She steps inside the house and Sumi feels strange.Swara comes face to face with her.They both stare each other.Ragini comes and takes her to Laksh.She slips and Laksh holds her.They have an eyelock.Music plays……Sujata and Annapurna come there and smile seeing her.They feed sweets to her and like her.
Ragini:Swara, My relation with Sanskaar is fixed.(she gets shy)
Swara gets happy and hugs her.
Annapurna:Swara, I am choosing u for my son Laksh.
Swara and Laksh are shocked and look on.Swara smiles and gets shy.Annapurna blesses her and turns to look at Laksh.Laksh is shocked and doesnt seems happy.Before he could say anything, Sujata feeds him sweets and says he agreed!!! They all get happy.Swara gets shy and runs to her home.She gets a letter at her house and is shocked.She cries and calls Ragini.
Swara:Ragini, I will not be able to marry.
Ragini:But why?
Swara:Actually my dada’s brother is extremely ill and so my whole family has gone there execpt my father.I will not be able to marry without my family.
She ends the calls and cries.Ragini gets worried.Swara enters her house and sits near Shekhar.
Shekhar:Shona, what happened?
Swara:Baba, I love someone!
Shekhar gets happy and asks who is that boy.
Swara tells him everything that happened in Ragini’s house.
Swara:They will be here in a moment.
Shekhar:But why r u sad?
Swara:Because I dont want to marry in dada and Dadi’s absence.
Shekhar asks her not to worry and sends her to get ready.She goes and he looks on.

Maheshwari Family comes there with Ragini.Ragini feels strange seeing Shekhar and vice versa.Swara comes there and hugs Ragini.
Dp:Shekhar ji, we have come to ask for u daughter’s hand for our son Laksh.
Shekhar:Swara already told me about Laksh and……
Everyone look at him.
Shekhar:I accept this relation.
Swara smiles.So does everyone.Laksh is unhappy.
Swara:But Ragini our dream of marrying in the same mandap wont be able to happen!
Shekhar:Shona dont worry,U remember u told me that Ragini always wanted to marry in a temple,then why dont u marry alongwith her and when Dada and Dadi come u again keep a small marriage in their presence.Swara hugs Shekhar thanking her for solving her problem.Everyone smile.

The marriage day comes.Everyone reaches temple(they reserved it).Shekhar and Sumi enters the temple together but doesnt see each other due to people between them.
Annapurna:R u sure u both want a small marriage without haldi and mehendi?
Ragini:Yes aunty because we promised to do marriage in the same way and together and as her Dada and Dadi is not here I also cant do anything special.
Annapurna is surprised and says u both should have been sisters.U r sacrificing for ur friend.Swaragini look at each other.Music plays……

Swaragini are getting ready in a room.Swara is wearing a red and pink bridal dress and Ragini is wearing a red and gold bridal dress.They both look beautiful.Ragini goes to get water as she is thirsty.Someone drags her into a little dark room.It is Sanskaar.They have an eyelock.Music plays…..He gets much close to her.
Ragini:What r u doing here Sanskaar?If someone sees u!
Sanskaar:So what? U r my would be wife!
Ragini:Would be but not yet and….It is inauspicious for us to meet like this before marriage.
Sanskaar:Nothing can tear us apart now.Because a body is never alive without a soul and u r that soul.
Ragini is touched and looks at him.Music plays….She hugs him and smiles.

Swara sees Laksh there.She walks to him.
Swara:Since this marriage is fixed u havent even talked to me well…Why? R u not happy with this marriage.
Adarsh comes there and takes him.Swara looks on.Ragini comes and asks Swara why is she tensed.Swara replies that she feels Laksh isnt happy with this marriage.Ragini cheers her up.Parineeta and Uttara come and take them to the mandap.

Sumi and Shekhar are coming towards each other.They collide.They gets super shocked seeing each other.
Sumi:What r u doing here……
Shekhar:My daughter is getting married..
Sumi:Even mine….
They both are shocked at this revelation and realises they both are each other’ daughters.They both cry and are emotional.They see Swaragini coming downstairs and get more emotional.
Sumi:My shona and Lado….
Shekhar:mine too.
She stops him and says Ragini is only my daughter.She goes from there.He looks on.
Sanskaar is mesmerized by Ragini’s beauty.Laksh is angry and unhappy.Swara notices that.They both sit down in the mandap.They make each other wear garland.Sumi does Ragini kanyaadan and Shekhar does for Swara.Both Ragsan and Swalak take pheras.Sanskaar and Laksh apply sindoor to Swaragini and make them wear mangalsutra.Om Mangalam plays…..Sumi and Shekhar are still looking at each other.The Pandit announces that the marriage is done.Swaragini’s bidaai is done.Sumi blesses both Swaragini and cries thinking my both daughters are going in the same house and is happy.Shekhar blesses them and is happy seeing Ragini.Sumi smiles seeing Swara.Swaragini cry and get into the car with Sanlak.Maheswari family greet them and leave.Sumi and Shekhar look at each other.Sumi leaves.Shekhar looks on.

Swaragini’s grah pravesh is done and they sit for the rituals.Swaragini and Sanlak find the ring at the same time and smile.They then go to their rooms.Ragini comes to their room and smiles seeing the decorations Sanskaar made for her.She hugs him.
Ragini:Thank u
Sanskaar:For what?
Ragini: for coming in my life
They dance romantically with each other on sab tera…..He makes her sit in bed and removes her bangles, ornaments.He opens the blouse back string.She gets shy and closes her eyes.He comes to her and kisses her back and pins her to wall.He starts kissing her passionately.She tries to go but he doesnt let her go.He tries to removes her clothes.She pushes him and smiles.He makes her lie and kisses her eyes, her stomach.He kisses her and they get intimate while the song continues to play……

Swara comes to her room and gets shocked seeing Laksh angry with the room messed up.She comes to him and holds his shoulder but he pushes her and she falls down.She gets shocked.
Swara:Laksh! R u fine!?
Laksh:No I am not….Since I married u I am not.
Swara:But u love me naa….
Laksh goes to her and holds her.She starts crying and brushes his hands off.She says u said that u loves me and now….
He holds her.
Laksh:I never told u that I love u….I just hve a crush on u thats all.
Swara is all the more shocked to hear that.She cries badly recalls the moment and realised he never agreed to marry her.She gets angry and holds his collar shouting then why did he marry her.
Laksh(cryingly):I was not given the chance to….
Swara:U ruined my life!!! Laksh please, tell me u love me….
He gets angry and pushes her saying she I dont love u.He goes.She falls on the bed and cries badly….Saiyaan ve…..Plays…..Swalak are seen crying.Ragsan are seeing getting intimate.

Its morning, Ragini wakes up and gets surprised seeing Sanskaar standing with breakfast.
Sanskaar:Good Morning my princess
Ragini:Good Morning!!
Sanskaar:So how was ur first sleep in this house.
Ragini:Most beautiful sleep.
They have an eyelock and music plays….He comes to her and makes her drink coffee.
Ragini is surprised and asks how do u know I like coffee.He smiles and makes her have toast.She smiles and goes to washroom.

Swara felt asleep by the bedside and Laksh on the bed, Laksh wakes up and finds Swara close to him.He looks at her and gets mesmerized by her beauty.He then wakes her up.She gets surprised and recalls all that happened last night.After a bit of crying, she goes to washroom and comes out wearing a red saree.She wears bangles, maang tika and and looks at the sindoor cryingly then at Laksh.She applies it.
Laksh:Swara I am sorry but I just have a crush on u and nothing else.And yes Dont even try to have any relationship with me.
Swara:But I…..
He goes angrily.She cries and looks on.

Ragini comes out and tries to wear her usual saree but finds it difficult.Sanskaar comes and looks on.
Ragini:Dont look at me like this.I dont know how to wear a saree.
Sanskaar comes near her and holds her pallu.She looks at him.He puts the pallu in her waist and makes her wear the saree.He touches her romantically.She smiles and hugs him.

Precap:Ragini is shocked seeing Laksh pushing Swara and telling that he doesnt love her.Swara cries badly.

Hey guys, plzzz comment how it was and yes, I will not be able to write daily as exams are nearing….Hope u liked it…..Love u lots…..

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