Swaragini (A new phase of Life) Episode 3


Hey guys, again thank u soo much for comment positive about my ff….Love u lots guys…..

Recap:Swaragini married Sanlak.Laksh told Swara that he doesnt love her.Shekhar and Sumi met after many years.

Ragini comes downstairs and doesnt see Swara.She joins all for Aarti.She takes prassad from Annapurna.She blesses her.
Ragini:Maa, Is Swara not here?
Annapurna:Its ok, Its her first day here maybe she didnt get enough sleep in a new place.
They all smile and proceed towards the dining table.Ragini serves everyone breakfast.Swara comes there.Ragini runs to her and hugs her.She wishes her good morning.She sees her eyes red.Swara goes.She looks on.She goes to her to the kitchen.
Ragini:So, My friend, how was ur first night here!??(in a teasing manner)
Swara(blankly): Nice, and urs.
Swara sees Laksh going upstairs and rushes to him with a food plate.Ragini notices her mood upset.She follows her.

Swara comes to Laksh upstairs and gives him food.He refuses.
Swara:Have it….
Laksh:I told u I dont want it!
Swara:Just because I brought it?
Laksh:Enough is enough Swara….I told u I dont want to have food.
She argues with him.He pushes her and goes.She falls and cries.Ragini has seen all this and is super shocked.She comes to Swara and cries hugging her.Swaragini plays…..
Ragini:Swara…..What happened? What was Laksh telling.
Swara:He doesnt love me!! He never agreed to marry me!! He was forced! And in that process, my life got ruined…..
Ragini:What?? R u serious?
Swara:Yes Ragini….But dont u worry he has to love me….
She acts like a psycho.Ragini cups her face and cries seeing her.
Ragini:I am sorry Swara, this happened because of me….Neither Had I told u to say yes nor this would have happened….
Swara nods no and cries.
Ragini:Now smile, and enjoy ur first day here in this sasural ok…?
Swara smiles and goes with her.

Ragini sees Sanskaar.He signs she is looking beautiful.She shies and smiles.The family have a talk and praise Swaragini.
Sujata:truly Jiji, my daughter in laws are very good.
Annapurna:They r even mine Sujata….
They all laugh.Swaragini smile.

Its night, Laksh comes home drunk.He is sad.He comes to room and sees decorations and all are dark.Wind blows.Swara comes there in a black s*xy dress.She holds a candle in her hand and approaches Laksh.Laksh is drunk and sees his ex gf in Swara.He smiles.Swara throws his bag and dances around him with the candle on Lipstick laga ge…..Plays…..He smiles seeing her as his ex gf.He pulls her closer and sings with her.He blows off the candle which was in her hand and throws it.He pushes all the things on a table and makes Swara sit on it.They both kiss passionately while the song continues to play.He touches her body romantically and tries to removes her clothes.She pushes him and smiles.She falls with him on the bed and have an eyelock.Swara thinks finally Laksh u have accepted my love.She removes his clothes and he removes hers.He pins her to the bed and they consummate their marriage.

Its morning,Ragini comes to Sanskaar and sees the door locked.She knocks it asking Sanskaar to open the door.She hears Sanskaar whispering that I love u baby and is shocked.She breaks open the door.She is teary eyed and is angry.Sanskaar is stunned to see her.
Ragini:With whom were u talking to?
Sanskaar:With nobody…..uhhh….why?
Ragini:U were talking to someone and were professing ur love to her right?
She cries and begins to go when he holds her hand and shows her a big teddy.He plays the recording and the teddy speaks I love u baby.Ragini smiles and hugs Sanskaar.
Ragini:U were recording this to me and I….I am sorry….
Sanskaar:Ohhh My princess is so cute while crying.
He cups her face and pampers her.She smiles.

Laksh wakes up and has headache.He remembers last night.
Laksh:Shit…..I assumed her to be Sheena(ex gf) and slept with her….
Swara comes from bathing with wet hairs.She smiles seeing Laksh and shies.She applies sindoor and mangalsutra.She comes to Laksh.
Swara:Thank u Laksh, for accepting my love…
He holds her tightly.
Laksh:I do not love u! I slept with u because I wanted to ok! Because I have a crush on u and whenever I will feel like, I will do the same!!
He pushes her and goes.Swara cries being shocked and collapses on the floor.

Precap:Swara decides to leave the house.She fights with Laksh and leaves from there.Later, Ragini talks to Swara on phone and shouts Swara….Laksh is shocked and looks on.

Hey guys, plzzz comment how it was….Hope u liked it…..Love u lots guys……

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