Swaragini (A new phase of Life) Episode 1


Hey guys I am Heera and this is my second FF…..I know I havent completed my first FF(Swaragini a passionate love story) but All my previous emails are lost and I decided to end this like this only….hope u dnt mind….and yes this story will be Ragsan and Swalak…..A change in the story ;)…..and the story starts!!!

Its morning, girl called Ragini( modern)wakes up and smiles.Wind blows and her hair blows.She hears someone calling Lado.She replies coming and rushes downstairs.Sumi, with an aarti plate smiles seeing Ragini.She goes to her and blesses her.Ragini smiles and hugs her saying Maa.She takes prassad and goes to take a bath.Sumi goes to kitchen and mistakenly sees Shekhar’s photos.She cries seeing it and remembers something.Ragini comes and Sumi hides the photo.
Sumi wipes her tears: Lado, arent u ready yet to go to college.Its your first day today.
Ragini:Mom, today u have to tell me why do u cry seeing this photo,Whose photo is this and why didnt u let me see this photo ever?
Sumi:Come Its time for u to know the truth and I hope u will understand me…..

Sumi starts telling.In fb:Sumi gives birth to Swaragini.Shekhar hugs her and smiles seeing his daughters.After many days, people discuss that Sumi didnt gave birth to Shekhar’s daughters as she got pregant in her maayka.Shekhar listens all that quietly.Sumi cries and looks at him.Dadi and Dida argue with each other and they force their children to divorce(Shekhar and Sumi).Fb ends.
Ragini cries and says that man didnt even support u mom…..But u told me that my father is no more and I dont have any siblings!Sumi replies u have a sister Lado…..

Swara( modern) is shown.She is preparing breakfast with the help of the servant for her father Shekhar and dada dadi.She serves them and smiles seeing them.Shekhar blesses her and tastes the food.He thinks its like Mishti’s hand made food.He gets teary eyed and goes from there.Swara thinks Dad didnt forget Mom even today…..Dadi asks her to go to college as its her first day.Swara nods and goes.Dada looks at her and says its Sumi’s hand made food.Afterall she is her daughter.Dadi stops him and says now dont start Sumi puran.She goes.Dada looks on.

Swara and Ragini reach college together.They collide with each other.
Ragini smiles and forwards her hand.
Swara shakes her hand with hers.They both feel some connection and look at each other.Swaragini plays…..

Sanskaar and Laksh Maheshwari come to same college.Sanskaar removes his glasses and is mesmerized seeing Ragini’s beauty.Laksh(flirt type) looks at Swara and smirks.Ragini goes to the library and reads some book.Sanskaar too comes there.They both touch the same book.They look at each other and have an eyelock.Music plays…….She says sorry and goes.He smiles and calls out Stop.He goes to her and asks her name.She says Ragini and smiles.

Swara and Laksh come to the canteen.They both see there is a last piece of cake and order it at the same.They look at each other.Swara falls in love with him.Laksh eyes her.They have a nok jhok about the cake.She gets angry and puts cake on his face and angrily goes.He gets angry thinks to take revenge.Both the couples are shown.

After one month, Ragsan has fallen in love with each other and Swara is in love with Laksh but he doesnt love her.Sanskaar takes Ragini somewhere blindfolded.He removes her cloth of her eyes and she gets surprised seeing the beautiful decorations.He bends on his knees and proposes to her.
Sanskaar:Miss Ragini Gadodia will u spend the rest of ur life with this idiot!?
Ragini smiles and nods.He makes her wear a ring and they hug.

Ragini calls Swara and informs her about Sanskaar proposing her.Swara gets happy and tells Ragini that she loves Laksh.Ragini gets happy and says they are brothers.They get happy thinking that they will get married in the same house and two best frndz will stay together(unaware of the fact that they are sisters).

Precap:Swaragini get married with Sanlak in a mandir.All the families are present there.Later, Sumi is shocked to see Shekhar.

Hey guys I know I am writing it fast……plzz comment how it was….hope u liked it….love u lots….

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  1. superb thanks for ragsan

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    Awesome, update soon

  3. nice but i hope it would be swasan and raglak it will be very nice… anyways if already u think and decided pairs then continue….

  4. It’s awesome… But everything went too fast.. Still lovely….

  5. U quitted ur another FF?

  6. superb thanks for ragsan love them

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  9. Interesting

  10. Sreevijayan

    Nice start dear..bt evrythng wnt too fas..love ragsan

  11. great,,, i’m glad you have wrote another ff as i love your previous one,,,

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