Swaragini a new life.

Hello guyz i am new here. Hope you all will like this FF. Well i am a silent reader and are inspired by all of you. I am a big fan of swaragini. So let start the FF. Plz guyz do comment.

The episode start with.
Everyone is on the mandap are waiting for swaragini. Sumi bring swara down and both swara and sanskar get married.
Swasan take blessing from alders.
After some time.
Sumi was going upstair for bringing ragini.

Ragini room.
Ragini was finding something and found a paper but throw it. But suddenly she sees that on paper was waiting divorce. She then thinks which divorce. Who’s divorce. She picks up the paper and sees there writing laksh&ragini divorce and her signaturen on paper. And remember when she sign the paper.
She then start crying saying why god why. Always this happens to me. What have i done.
She then get up and say laksh this time i will not beg you. Ragini say i will start a new life without you laksh maheswari.
She wipes her tears and just then sumi come in.
Sumi. Ragini mera bacha letz go.
Ragini. Yes maa.
Sumi take her down to the mandap.
Laksh see her and get lost in his thought.
Laksh to himself. I dont know when i start feeling for you. But this is a nice feeling. I will never ever hurt you again.
Ragini to herself. Laksh why you always do this to me. You play with my respect diginity. Why. Teary rolle down from her eyes.
Laksh&swara notices this and think Maybe for leaving her family. But its not new for her. Even laksh and ragini are married before also.

In mandap.
Ragini come down and goes toward laksh with hatred in her eyes. She then slap him hard.
Everyone is shocked.
Laksh. Ragini.
Ragini. Plz laksh stop your drama how long you will play with my feeling ha. Stop your drama.
Swara. Ragini what are you saying.
Sanskar. Ha what are you taking about which drama.
Ragini. Oh i totally forget. No one know about this.
Ragini then throw paper on laksh face and say read it.
Laksh say ragini listen to me ones.
Ragini. Bas { stop }
Laksh no ragini you are misunderstanding me.
Ragini. Wow do you think that i am misunderstanding you.
Laksh. Yes.
Ragini. Stop your drama.
Sanskar take the paper from laksh hand and read it and is shocked to know that its divorce paper of raglak.
Sanskar. Laksh.
Laksh. Bhai plz listen to me ones.
Ragini. Whatever you want to say. I am not going to listen that.
And second thing you want divorce right. Then i am ragini gadodia is saying i am going to give you divorce. You are free now.
Sumi. What are you taking about beta.
Ragini tell everything to alders.
Everyone is shocked accept ap.
Ap. Laksh i told you that ragini is changed but you never listened to me.
Ragini. What mom did you knew about this.
Ap nods in yes.
Everyone is shocked.
Ragini. I am not angry on mom because she told laksh.
Ap.. Ragini beta plz dont do this.
Dp. Bas if ragini dont want this marriage to happen. Then its will not. She diecided to give divorce i dont have any problem.
Laksh. Papa.
Dp. What you did. You dont deserve that.
Laksh. Par paap { but papa }.
Dp. Enough of u.
Ragini. Thansk papa.
Dp. No beta. You will not leave this house u will live here as our daughter.
Ragini. But.
Ap.. Ragini he is right.
Ragini. Ok mom.
Laksh goes from there in teary eyed.
Swara take ragini with her.

In room.
Laksh thinks that everything is over. But she did’t even listen to me why. He fall on the floor. And start crying remembering his moments with ragini.

In garden.
Swara. Ragini are you ok..
Ragini. Yes swara i will not get shattered this time.
Swara. Ragini.
Ragini. Swara dont worry i will not do anything with me.
Swara cry and hug her.
Sanskar come there. And say.
San. I am sorry ragini.
Ragini. No sanskar. Its not your mistake .
San. So friends
Ragini. Ok friends
They hug eachother.
San. I promise i will support you what ever you want to do.
Ragini. Ok sanky.
Swara. Ok.
Ragini. Oh shit i forget something.
Swara. What.
Ragini. Buddho its you first night.
Swara get shy and goes from there.
Ragini push sanskar and say now you go too.
Sna. Ok cutie.
Ragini smile.
Sanskar leave.

Precap. A new start.

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Credit to: Anny


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