Swaragini a new life. Episode 9

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Sid room.
Laksh is not there sid is sitting and are watching a movie sanam re.
Ragini knock on the door.
Sid. Come in.
Ragini. Sid.
Sid. Ragini you here.
Ragini. I want to talk to u.
Sid. Come sit.
Ragini. Thanks.
Ragini. Sid i wanted u to give me your opinion.
Sid. Ok tell me.
Ragini. If someone did wrong with u and then aplogize so whould u forgived that person.
Sid. Its laksh right.
Ragini. But how do u know.
Sid. Guess.
Sid. Ragini u should forgive him. Everyone should get a second chance.
Ragini. Sid but.
Sid. Ragini u asked my opinion. That it is my opinion. Just give him a chance and then u will see and tommorow is v day. So tell him tommorow. Its will be a good surprise for him.
Ragini. Ok thanks sid. U now i just love you.
Sid. I love you too.
Laksh come in and heared sid saying i love you too.
Ragsid hug and ragini kiss him on cheek.
Laksh is shocked. And start thinking.
Is ragini in love with him. Should i be happy or not. Why???. Laksh u deserve it after all what u did with ragini. Now u know how its feel when someone u love is with someone else.
Ragsid. Laksh.

Laksh come back too sense.
Sid. Come sit i will be back.
Laksh. Wait. I will leave.
Sid to himself. Pagal ladka.
Sid. No need. I will go and take popcorn.
Laksh. I will go.
Sid. No you stay here.
Ragini smile at laksh.
Sid leave.
Ragini. Laksh come sit.
Laksh. Ok.
Ragini. What happenend.
Laksh. Do u love sid.
Ragini. Yes alot.
Laksh get teary eyed but ragini did’t see og because it dark in the room.
Laksh. Ragini.
Ragini. Yes laksh.
Laksh. You love sid but……..
Ragini. But…..
Laksh. You dont love me….
Ragini is shocked. And is about to tell laksh when she remind sid telling her that tommorow is v day.
Sid come there and sit with them. They enjoy the movie but laksh did’t.

Sanskar is thinking about what to do tommorow because its v day.?.
Swara. Sanskar.
San. What.
Swara. Letz go to ragini.
San. U go i will come.
Swara. Ok then bye.
San. Bye.
He is thinking something and smile because he got a idea.
He also leave to ragini room.
Swara see ragini not there she goes back to her room. Sanskar was not there.
Same with sanskar.
Swara. Where is sanskar.
Sanskar enter the room.
San. U here.
Swara. Yes ragini was not there.
San. I also see she was not there.
Swara. So now what.
San. What.
Swara. I am getting bored.
Sanskar. Ohhhhhhh swara u are getting naughty.
Swara. What.
Sanskar. Ok.
Swara was confused but then see sanskar coming close to her.
Swara. I did’t mean that.
Sanskar. But i do.
Swara. Sanskar.
Sanskar come close to her. And kiss her on lips and start sucking her lips. He was doing it hard. But then after sometime they did its softly.
Swara blush. Sanskar contiune kissing her. After sometime they break the kiss.
Swara blushes.
Sanskar make her turn and hold her by her waist and remove her hair and start biteing her neck .
Swara. Ouch ( softly ).
Sanskar. Sorry i cant control yaar.
Swara smile.
Sanskar then kiss her neck.. He lift her in his arms and take her to the bed.
Sanskar kiss her belly. And then they have a liplock and they sleeped.

Precap. Valentina day special.

Sorry guyz i know it v day but i will make it tommorow i promise.
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