Swaragini a new life. Episode 7

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The episode start.
Everyone reach hotell.
Laksh. Hei.
Rec. Hello sir.
Laksh. Actually we have booked three room on the name of laksh maheswari.
Rec. Yes sir.
Laksh. Can you give me the keys.
Rec. Here room number 306, 307, 310.
Laksh. Ok thanks.
He leave.

Where swaragini and sansid is waiting for laksh.
Ragini. When will he come.
Swara. Dont know yaar.
Sid. Let go to pool.
Ragini. Right letz go.
Sanksar. First get freshed up.
Ragsid. No we are going ok.
They leave.
Laksh come there.
Laksh. Where is ragini and sid.
Swara. They leave.
Laksh. Where.
Sanskar. To the pool.
Laksh. Oh ok.
Swara. We will go our room.
Laksh. Ok.
Swasan leave
Laksh to himself = I want to kill you sid. You stupid, idiot. And this ragini is god damn. I have to go. Dont know what they are doing. Laksh run before he stole your ragini.
Laksh run to the pool side.

Ragini and sid is sitting on the beach bench.
Sid. Ragini can i ask you something.
Ragini. Yes what.
Sid. Who is laksh.
Ragini. You now na he is my brother.
Sid. No dont lie. Evenever i say that he get angry. Why??????.
Ragini. Oh actually. Laksh was my husband.
Sid. What.
Ragini. Yes but he betrayed me.
Sid. Oh i am sorry.
Ragini. No need to.
Sid. Ok then i have something to say.
Ragini. What.
Sid. Actually i am going back to USA.
Ragini. What but.
Sid. Ha woh actually my business is there i am here to complete my dad dream. Now my other companys need me.
Ragini. But.
Sid. Don’t worry you can work in my company i will not fire you.
Ragini. You stupid i am bot getting worried for that. But for that i will miss you. I will miss my friend.
Sid. Oh don’t worry i will be back soon.
Ragini. When are you going.
Sid. After this holidays.
Ragini. Oh ok its good that u comed with us.
Sid. Yes. Can i give you a hug.
Ragini. Yes why not.
They hug eachother. Suddenly laksh come there and sees them hugging and get sad.
Laksh. Hei guyz.
They broke the hug.
Ragsid. Hei.
Ragini. Sid i will be back.
Sid. Where are you going.
Ragini. For buying drink.
Sid. Ok.

She leave.
Laksh sit with sid.
Sid. I am sorry.
Laksh. For what.
Sid. I thought that u are ragini brother.
Laksh. Its ok. But how do you now.
Sid. Ragini told me.
Laksh. Can i ask you something.
Sid. Yes.
Laksh. Do you like ragini.
Sid. Yes.
Laksh get sad but then.
Sid. But only like a friend dont worry dude.
Laksh get relief.
Sid. We are just friends.
Laksh. Ok.
Sid. But she told me taht you betrayed her. Why???.
Laksh told him everything and ask for his help.
Sid. Ok. Laksh.
Laksh get happy and hug him.
Ragini come there and is shocked to see them like that.
Ragini. Sid dont tell me you are gay..
Wearing this sid push laksh away.
Sid. What???.
Laksh. ?????.
Ragini. You guyz are hugging eachother like husband wife.
Sid. Have u any problem can’t a boy hug a boy.
Laksh. Right.
Ragini. No i did’t mean that. Any way leave it.
Sidksh. Ok

Precap. Sid, laksh plan to make ragini forgived laksh.

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