Swaragini a new life. Episode 6

Hello guyz many of you have said that i am making short episode. But today i will make it long.

Precap. Going for holidays..

Episode start with.?.
Ragini. Sid also.
Swara. Yes. Be ready.
Ragini. But.
Swara. No but. Ok.
Sanskar come there.
Sanskar. Swara come here i did’t find my black shirt.
Swara. Offfo sanskar.
Ragini. You go.
Swara. Ok pack your things.

Ragini room.
Ragini i should call sid and tell her.
Ragini call sid.
Sid. Hei.
Ragini. Hello actually we are going to holiday.
Sid. Yes so. Let me guess you want free right.
Ragini. Yes. But i called you to tell you that you are also coming.
Sid. Meeeeeee??????.
Ragini. Yes.
Sid. Are you serious.
Ragini. No not at all.
Sid. Ok i will come.
Ragini. Ok bye.
Sid. Bye.
Ragini then start packing her stuff.
After packing she go out and see laksh have mess his thing.
Ragini to herself= pagal ladka { mad boy }.
He will mess all the room. I should help him. But why.????. Ragini go help her.

Swasan room.
Swara. Sanskar her is it.
Sanskar leave it.
Swara. I will go.
Sanskar. What no plz. Letz have some fun na.
Swara. What???.
Sanky. U now what i am talking about.
Swara blushes.
Sanky. Blushing ha.
Swara hit him.
Sanskar smile at her. And kiss her forehead. Swara closed her eyes. He then kiss her cheek. Swara blushes. Sanskar smile seeing her blushing. He kiss her on her lips. Both share some good time.

Laksh room.
Ragini come in and say.
Ragini. What have u done.
Laksh. I dont find my things.
Ragini. Ok tell me what are you finding.
Laksh. My clothes.
Ragini. Oh ok.
She tell him where the clothes is.
Laksh to himself= you still care for me. I love you.
Ragini leave from there.

The next day.
All take blessing and leave.
Sid is waiting out and see them.
Laksh sees him.
Laksh to himself= what it is he doing here. Is he going with us. No??????. It must be a dream. No its not a dream. Sala kebab mein hadi. Right now i want to kill you.
Sid. Hello laksh.
Laksh. Hi.
Ragini come there
Sid. Come we will leave first.
Swasan. Ok you both go together we will come after you guyz
Ragsid. Ok.
Laksh. What will i do.
Ragini. Go with them.
Sid. Ragini let them have some moments.
Ragini. Ohhh you are getting smart.
Sid. I was.
Ragini. Whatever.
Laksh. Guyz don’t fight tell me what will i do now.
Sid. Pagal come with us.
Ragini. What???.
Sid. Have you any problem. After all he is your brother.
Laksh. I am not.
Sid. Plz can we go.
Raglak nod.
They all leave.

Precap. Swasan moments. Laksh sid friendship.

Hello guyz plz do comment. And thansk for your support. Guyz i hope its long.
Love you.????????

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