Swaragini a new life. Episode 5

Hello guyz so they pairs are decide by all of you most of you want ragsid but raglak have most votes.
So its will be raglak.

Recap. Ragini take taxi and leave.
The episode start with.
Ragini. No thanks.
She take the taxi and leave.
Sid. I don’t under stand this girls. God damn.
Sid leave.

In mm.
Everyone are eating food. Ragini come there.
Ap. Come sit have food.
Rags. Ok.
Ap. Get fresh up.
Rags. Yep.
Ap smile.
She goes to get fresh up.
Laksh who was coming down suddenly sees ragini going up and then he take a turn and goes up.

Ragini see him and feel weired with his behevior.
She then goes to her room.

Ragini room.?.
Ragini goes to bathroom and get freshed up.
When she come out some one pull her by her waist. She is about to shout. When the person keep finger on her lips. She turn arround and see that its laksh.
Ragini. Laksh.
Laksh. Ha.
Ragini. Leave me.
Laksh. I did’t hold you for let you leave.
Ragini. You have already did that.
Laksh. Plz ragini understand.
Ragini. Leave me.
Laksh. No.
Ragini is nervos.
Laksh turn her and cup her face and kiss her on her forehead and then he kiss her lips. But after 10 SEC. Ragini push him.
Ragini. Leave form her.
Laksh. Ragini.
Ragini. Ok fine. I will leave.
She leave form there.
Ragini to herself: why i cant forget you laksh. Why?????. You make me feel…..
Swara. Ragini.
Ragini. Ha swara.
Swara. We thought.

Ragini. You and.
Swara. Sanskar.
Ragini. Oh what.
Swara. We thought to go on a holidays for some days. You, laksh, me, sanskar,sid will come.
Ragini. Also sid.
Swara. Yes. Be ready.

Precap. Leaving for Holidays

Guyz plz do comment.
And thanks for your support til now.
Love y.

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