Swaragini a new life. Episode 4

Hello guyz plz do comment. And also comment for Pairs raglak or ragsid.?

The episode start with.
In the morning.
Ragini get ready and gods down. Everyone one was present there.
Ragini. Hei.
Ap. Beta come have food.
Ragini. Actually i am going to office.
Ap. But what about breakfast.
Ragini. Can you plz mom pack it.
Ap. Ok beta.
Ragini take her food and leaves.
Laksh { to himself }= yea yea. I k ow you are going to meet your stupid friend sid. Kebab mein hadi sala kiy ka. I want to kill you sid. Ahahahahahahahhahahha.?

In the office.
Ragini come to office.
Sid assistent name is= natasha.
Natasha. Madam plz come your cabin is here.
Ragini. Ok.
They goes go ragini cabin.
Natasha. Hei. I am natasha.
Ragini. Hi. I am ragini.
Natasha. Nice too meet u ragini.
Ragini. Same here.
They become friends.

Ragini goes to sid cabin.
Sid. Welcome welcome madam.
Ragini. Oh plz sir……. I mean sid.
Sid. Ok.
Ragini. I am getting bored.
Sid. You are here for work not for fun( in angry tone).
Ragini. Ok.
She leaves.
Sid smile seeing her innocent face.
Sid= she is too cute yaar. ?

After work they all leave for home.
Ragini is waiting for taxi.
Sid. Come i will drop you.
Ragini. No sir.(in attiuide).
Sid. But…..
Before he would complete the sentence the taxi come.
Ragini leave from there.

Short update but sorry and do comment

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  1. Ragsid pls……. BTW pls make it long

  2. I want ragsid…please

  3. So short update yaar

  4. want raglak…yaar

  5. Nice episode but too short try to make it long… Make it Raglak…update regularly..

  6. Raglak please????

  7. Jealous lucky ?……awesome update looking forward to the next chap

  8. raglak

  9. Although I would love to see ragini with karan Singh Grover but I feel raglak will suit this story more. But only after a lot of struggle by laksh.
    continue soon…

  10. Make it raglak yaar….even if they divorce each other…laksh will later falls for her…and ragini loved him more than anything….and she can’t love anyone like she did to laksh….let laksh understand his mistake…and join them it will b gud..I think…

  11. Raglak

  12. Ragsid plz

  13. Raglak plzzzzzzz

  14. Ragsid…….. Pls laksh don’t deserve ragini… Anymore…… But pls make it bit longer… Atleast. 5 scenes per ff…

  15. My vote is for ragsid….. Laksh need it till now he didn’t realize and still doubting ragini….. Ragsid pls yaar ??

  16. Only ragsid….. Update a long part…. Soon

  17. raglak plz

  18. Raglak

  19. pavani bhavanam

    Plz raglak….he realised his mistake… So plz make raglak…don’t separate them

  20. I think laksh really feeling guilty in thatcase raglak will be better .. Ragini loved him so much so now his turn..
    If one is truly feeling even god will forgive him…

  21. ragsid plz

  22. Ur story is really very good.. but why u always write too short episodes, plz make it long na..

  23. I have post a update. And its also short but you guyz dont worry. I will make episode 6 long. ?.
    And thanks guyz for your support.
    Love you.?????

  24. Ragsid ragsid ragsid ragsid

  25. Short but cute………. Raglak forever…..

  26. raglak are the best couple

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