Swaragini a new life. Episode 2

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Recap. Swasan marriage and raglak seperated.
Precap. A new start/life.

In the morning.
Ragini get up and goes to get ready.
After some time she take laptop and start finding a job.?

Swasan room.
Swara was sleeping in sanskar arms. She then woke up and smile seeing him. She then kiss his cheek. Suddenly sanskar smile.
Swara. That mean you are waked up.
Sanskar. Yes so what.
Swara. Nothing.
Sanskar kiss on her cheek.
Swara blushes.
Sanskar. Plz stop blushing.
Swara hit him playing.
Swara then see the clock.
Swara. Sanskar get up.
San. Why.
Swara. Because its my first day in this home.
San. So.
Swara. Stupid.
She then run too bathroom and get ready.
She take a saree and say oh shit i dont know how to wear.
San. I can help.
Swara. Sanskar.
San. Yes i know.
Swara. No thanks.
San. Ok as your wish do it on your oven.
He leave to bathroom.
Swara. What now.
Swara. Idea ragini.
She call ragini and take help from her.
Ragini tell her and then she get ready.
Swara. You know u are best sister ever.
Ragini. Ok now stop buttering me.
Swara. If i dont then u will not help me na.
Ragini. Swara.
Swara. Just kidding ok bye.
Ragini. Bye.
Ragini finally got a job interview.
Ragini. Finally.

Laksh room.
He get up and remember yesterday night.
Laksh you cant get sad and weak you have to be strong. And make your ragini again yours.
Laksh get up and get ready.

In hall.
Everyone is waiting for swara. Swara come down and take blessing.
Ap. Its your first rasoi.
Swara. Yes maa.
Ap. Make some sweet.
Swara. Ji maa.
She leave.

In kitchen.
Swara i dont know any thing..
I dont now how to cook.
Suddenly she see a bowl with chit.
She reades it.
Swara i know you dont how to cook so i maked it. Just warmed it ok. And serve this to everyone. Your SIS ragini.
Swara. Ragini i love you.
She warmed it and take it out.
Swara. I have maked halwa.
Ap. Which kind of halwa.
Swara think i dont know.
Swara. You guyz have to guess.
She served this to everyone.
Ap. Almond.
Swara nod.
Ap. Give her gift.
She take blessing from ap and dp.
Sanskar come there and eat halwa.
And say i think even ragini make the same.
Swara with eyes no sanskar plz.
Sanskar with eyes ok.
She smile.
Laksh come down and doesnt find ragini and then goes to her room but she was not there.
He then leave from there in anger.

In malhotra family.
Ragini goes to recep…..
Rec. Hello madam.
Ragini. I comed her for interview.
Rec. On mam. U pls wait i will tell you.
Ragini. Ok.
After some time.
Rec. Ragini gadodia your turn.
Ragini goes from there to cabin.
She enter the cabin.
A boy is sitting there its sidhart malhotra. { karan singh grover }.
He sees her and get mesmerized with her beauty.
Sid. Hello miss.
Ragini. Hi sir.
Sid. Call me sid.
Ragini. Ok sid.
After interview she was waiting outside.
Then sid come out and say you are select miss ragini.
Ragini get happy.
Ragini. Thanks sir……i mean sid.
Sid. No problem you have talent you deserve that.
Ragini. Ok bye.
Sid. Bye.
She leaves from there.

She goes to a resturant.
Ragini. Waiter one cold coffee.
Waiter. Ji mam.
Ragini. Should i call swara. No i will tell her face to face.
Waiter bring cold coffee.
He goes.
Some boy come there and see ragini.
Boy1. Look at this beauty.
Boy2. She is hot.
Boy3. s*xy.
Ragini feel uncomfortable.
Boy1. See she is going.
Boy2. Lets go.
They go after ragini. Ragini get scared she start runing. { guyz its night }.
Suddenly a car come there and å boy get out it none other then sid.
Ragini see him and hug him.
And just then a car come there its none other then laksh. He sees ragini hugging å boy and get angry.
Sid. Leave guyz.
Boy2. You leave her. She is hot.
Sid. No problem. If you think she is hot. Then you guyz get ready because i will make you cook.
Boy1. Are you mad.
Sid. No you said she is hot. Then you guyz should also be hot.
Boy3. Lets leave.
They leave.
Sid laugh.
Ragini. Why are u laughing
Sid. Just like that.

Precap. Sid in mm house

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