Swaragini a new journey part 5

Hey guys, Ketki here with next part of my ff…… I know all are angry on me for being late but had a genuine reason n even I stated it in my previous OS…… So, without much Bakbak of mine lets st my previous OS…… So, without much Bakbak of mine lets start the next chappy……. And as promised Its a long one…….. So here we go……
All were back home by Monday morning and engrossed in their routine life. Raglak were busyroutine life. Raglak were busy in Mishka’s admission process in new school n old school transfer . whereas swara was busy in her music school. Sanlak had a very big project to be crack. So, Ragini many a times herself managed the admission procedure. Mishka’s adoption procedure was also completed till now n she share a very sweet bond with everyone in MM. Laksh was always her favorate but now she even shared a special bond with her new mom Ragini n her Uttara bua. She was DP, AP, RP n Suji’s fav i.e. apple of their eye. Media too was now curious to meet this youngest Maheshwari as announced by DP.
So, a big party was thrown by Dp for presenting Mishka Laksh Maheshwari to all n even for the huge deal which Sanlak had cracked recently n gonna make a big profit in market for Maheshwari Industies.

So, all youngsters i.e. Raglak, swasan, uttara n mishka were busy in shopping for party in mall. Suddennly Ragini started to feel dizzy n this was noticed by Swara who was with her,
Sw:- Ragu are u ok…???? she asked worriedly.
R:- Yes swara just feeling tired.
Sw:- So shall we go back home?? First I will inform Laksh….
R:- No Swara I m fine… I will b ok after taking some rest….. n don’t tell to Laksh plz…..
S:- But…..
R:- Plz……..
S:- k but promise me that u will take rest when we will b back home…….
R:- Promise. .
All went back home n were very excited n happy for party.
Mishka was the most excited person among all as she have never attented such functions n SwaRagini, AP n Suji were busy in pampering her. Sanlak were pissed off due to this n all others laughed at their antiques to gain attention. But destiny had something else stored in it….

1st man:- Sirf aaj ka mauka hain humare paas. Agar aaj kaam hua nai toh boss chodenge nai hume.
2nd man:- haan uss Laksh Maheshwari ki beti ko kuch bhi krke uthana hoga aaj.
@ evening in MM…
@ Raglak Room,
Ragini was still feeling weak but was also happy looking at her daughters excitement. She was getting ready in front of dressing table (She was in same attire from the serial which she wore on Janmashtami Pooja in serial when swara hitted Adarsh with a rod n the Jacket mans truth was reveled before swaragini. I loved her look that day but Laksh was too busy to notice her). She was wearing a skyblue lehenga with same color Odhani with rich golden Jari work on her lehenga n goldan blouse with white color kundan Maangtika n long kundan earrings with just her mangalsutra in her neck. Just then Laksh came from washroom wearing a brown Achkan n agoldan Pathani n was setting his hairs. He was just awestuck to see Ragini. She was busy in her Makeup when she felt something on her waist n saw Laksh Making her wear golden single Layed kundan Kamarband n then hugged her from back with his chin on her sholder.
She asked him what through her eyes looking at his reflection in mirror…..
L:-A small gift for my beautiful wife……
Ragini’s face turned red due to shyness n she looked downblushing…..
L:- How can someone look so beautiful everytime……………..
Ragini blushed red hearing this n about to say something but felt vomiting sensations n ran to washroom . Laksh got tense due to this n went back of her n patted her back……
L:- R u ok?
R:- yes Laksh i m fine, no need to worry. Actually I first time tested meonease today as Mishka insisted in the morning so it might b due to that. I m not habited to eat such things na…..
L:- k but if u will not feel good till morning we will go to doctor…
R:- No need of that Laksh I will b fine till morning…..
Just then Mishka entered the room wearing a long red gown with a layer of thin black net on it n big diamond studs in ears with her long hairs properly comb n left open….
R:- Arey waah our Mishu is looking beautiful today.
L:- Just like her mumma hena Mishu???
M:- yes papa….. my mumma is really beautiful….. Saying so she hugged Ragini who hugged her back…..
R:- but who made you ready?
M:- Uttara bua…
L:- K we will go down all might b waiting for us…..
N they left left down….

@ Swasan room,
Sanskaar was ready in a heavy green velvet sherwani n golden chudidar n was waiting for swara who was getting ready.
Sn:- Arey swara party is today only not tomorrow. He said and as he turned to face swara who just came after getting ready he was shocked n lost in her. She was wearing a baby pink net saare with silver border n silver blouse n heavy diamond earrings.
Swara waved her hand in front of lost sanskar n he came back to reality.
S:- U were getting na??
Sn( encircling his hands around her neck):- Yes we r getting late but today my wife is looking so beautiful that I can miss this party to spend some time with her.
Swara pushed him and went out smiling n blushing n sanskar too followed her with a smile.

@MM hall,
All guests were waiting for raglak n mishka….
Media was curious for getting a glance of her.
The party started at 8PM and was supposed to end at 12 o’clock with cake cutting by Mishka and Raglak…
All were busy in attending guests n media. Whereas, Ragini was with Mishka n as she was sleepy she dozed off in Raginis lap.
Sometime later Laksh called Ragini to address media so she to Uttara to be with Mishka n she went to Laksh n suddenly all lights went off n came back within fraction of seconds.
All were relieved but Uttara’s scream of Mishka’s name caught everyone’s attention. Ragini went to her running followed by all Maheshwaris n were shocked after finding Mishka to b missing.
Sanlak started searching for her with the help of security.
On the other side two persons are seen taking a fainted Mishka in a sack from back gate of MM.
All guests left from their n media too was forced to go.
Sanlak came back disappointed n helpless as they didn’t found Mishka n here Ragini was crying continuously sitting on sofa n Swara was consoling her. All others too were tensed.
Soon police arrived n Started their investigation as Mishka was a kid n also from a well reputed family. Law was too supporting this so Police Inspecter(P.I) fastly gave instructions to his team.
Suddenly everyons attention was caught by a call on Lakshs phone.
L:- Hello.
Man:- Hello Mr. Laksh Maheshwari.
L:- kon bol raha hain?
Police started to trace the call getting a bit suspicious.
Man:- You might have forgot me but i didn’t forgot anyone of u specially Swara.
Swara got shocked after remembering the voice, she whispered but it was as loud as to be audible to all,
S:- Sahil….???
As the phone was on speaker sahil heard it .
Sa:- Ekdm sahi jawab Mrs. Swara Sanskar Maheshwari . Its me Sahil Sengupta.
All were shocked hearing this, Ragini too stood up in shock.
Sn:- Par tum toh jail main they na? N what u want now? The punishment u got was not enough for u? Want more?
P.I:- Sir Sahil was bailed by someone two days ago through courts interference.
Sa( clinching his feasts):- And here i m back o punish u all n i even have a surprise for u.
All looked at each other puzzled.
Sa:- Just tell Laksh to check the pics i have messaged him just now.
Laksh hurriedly saw them n was shocked as they were Mishkas pics. She was fainted n tied to a chair with ropes.
Sa:- Dekh liya?
L:- what u want?
Sa:- thats the question i was waiting for. I have the reason of ur happiness i.e ur daughter Mishka n u have the reason of mine.
Hearing this all were shocked n there was a loud noise from back n all saw a lifeless Ragini lying on the floor fainted.
All including Laksh ran to her n Laksh sat down n took her head in his lap.
L:- Ragini open ur eyes. Says a devastrated Laksh while patting her chicks….
L:- Ragini open ur eyes damit……
A.P too was crying vigorously watching her sons condition.
Sa( Laughing devilishly):- Oh…!!! toh Mishka ki so called Ragini mumma behosh hogayi? Don’t worry
Laksh ajayega use hosh jab Mishka waapis aajayegi. Lekin uskeliye I have a condition i.e I want my happiness.
L( tears were rolling down his chicks n with a fainted Ragini still on his lap):- What u want?? Say it clearly.
Sa:- To b clear I want u to giveup the contract u got from Schindia’s n suggest my companys name to them. I know the paper work is still pending of the contractfrom ur side. So don’t dare to act smart. I have face a big loss in my company because u send me in jail so u have to pay for that. N inspector u too don’t dare to act smart otherwise Mishka…..
Intrrupted by Laksh:- NO don’t do anything to her…..
Sa:- I m giving u time till tomorrow morning 8AM. I will call u back after that. If u are ready to agree to my condition then its good otherwise it will be very bad for Mishka.
Saying this he cuts the call without waiting for Laksh to reply.
Screen freezes on teary face of Laksh, expressionless face of fainted Ragini n a fainted Mishka tied to a chair with the help of ropes.

Precap:- a good news between the bad, and Lakshs struggle for saving mishka……

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