Swaragini a new journey part 4

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part 3:- part 3

hiiii friends kitkat here with next part of my ff…… I know I m late so without more bakbak of mine let’s proceed towards next chapter….. I know this update is small one but I wrote it in hurry…. next part will b big one pakka…….
At night all were in garden,

Mishka, vansh and ayush had already slept n Pankaj n urjita were at there outhouse….. dp-ap sujata-rp went inside as they were tired. so only swasan n raglak were left with uttara….. They decided to sing songs. U:- so we will make some chits of our names n whose name will come will have to sing the song.
so first was laksh’s turn who sang phulonka taronka sabka kehna hain for uttara and all others joined him. At last sanlak n uttara hugged eachother.
second was sanskar who sang yeh dosti hum nahi todenge n hugged laksh tightly…. swaragini were very happy to see them happy after so many days.
Then it was uttaras turn, she sang chale jaise hawayen sanan-sanan from main hoon na……

then came next song from swara,she sang tu aata hain sine main from dhoni- the untold story…. all time having an eye lock with sanskar and at the end of song raglak and uttara teased them.
At last was ragini, she sang miley ho tum humko bade nasibose, churaya hain maine kismat ki lakiro se….

raglak both were having tears remembering their journey till now with flashes of good time n bad time of their togetherness….
all clapped at the end n raglak shared a tight hug expressing all their feedings for eachother….. later swasan consoled them. Soon all dispersed to their rooms…

@swasan room,
Sanskar hugged swara from back who was standing in balcony facing garden…..
S:- madam so how was your day??
swara rested her head on his chest backwards and sanskars chin was on her head….
Sw:- an awesome one sanskar. the smiling faces of all made my day. specially raginis. I saw her so much happy after many months. I just want this happiness to always be with us..

S:- I promise it will be always till I m alive….. swara suddenly turned and kept her hand on his mouth and nodded in no with tears ozing from her eyes….
Sanskar smiled and picked her up in bridal style and made her lie on bed coming on top of her and the screen goes blurr………

@raglak room,
raglak were partially lying on bed with raginis head on his chest n laksh hugging her with one of his hand on her shoulder n other hands fingers entangled with her hand….

Both were silent,
L:- ragini you know I was carving for this happiness since past 7 months. the day I saw you after 6 months I was feeling like crushing you with a tight hug and scream that I m your laksh. but I was bound in promise with mansi n just for mishka I kept quiet….. (ragini cupped his face facing him).
R:- you don’t need to explain anything laksh. l can understand everything through your eyes….
Laksh after staring her for a while,
L:- ragini if I ask you for something will you give me?
R:- of course laksh. how can I say no to u??
laksh smiled and said,
L:- I want to hear I love you from your mouth.
R:- but laksh….

L:- you promised…..
ragini after a long gap,
R:- I love you laksh…..
Laksh was on cloud 9 after hearing this 3magical words from her mouth first time ever after their marriage… he engulfed her in a bone crushing hug n kissed her forehead and the screen goes blurr…..

next morning,
it was a huge shock for sanlak as they saw swaragini and specially for laksh as ragini had wore a 3/4th skinny black jeans with a dark pink netted krosha 3/4th sleaved top with a baby pink inner and swara was wearing a long sleeved floral sky blue crop top n same color long skirt…..

All laughed after watching a shocked sanlak n blushing swaragini…….
all elders went to a nearby ashram with ayush n the caretakers were with them whereas raglak, swasan n uttara along with mishka and vansh went to a nearby green hill as mishka insisted…. they played hide and seek as there were many big trees… these games were a treat for sanlak aswhen uttara and mishka were busy in finding them they got a chance to romance with their wives…..
ragini ran to a big tree n laksh hided behind a tree beside ragini n pulled her pinning her to the tree n ragini was first shocked but later blushed while shivering with his touch…..

R:-laksh what are you doing???
laksh kept his finger on her lips making her quite and with other hand he cared her waist under her top while she closed her eyes breathing heavily……
L:-you are looking so beautiful today…… wispered laksh near her ear in husky voice n she smiled turning red with her eyes still closed……..
laksh started kissing her neck n ragini clutched his t-shirt with one hand n caring his hairs with other….

they came back to sense when they heard some sounds of laughing and giggling and then they saw a shy swara n embraced sanskar and uttara, mishka and vansh teasing them……
raglak sight in relief as they were safe laksh winked at ragini making her blush and she went away as mishka called her…. they all enjoyed a lot and were back to farmhouse before dark as they have to leave tomorrow…..
mishka was sad as they have to go back but ragini made her understand that this house is of them only they can come here anytime n so will visit this place again..
next morning all were ready to leave whereas mishka and vansh cried as they become very close friends in short while n now she have to leave but ragini promised them to keep them in contact through phone n will come here again or vansh could visit their place…… in bus mishka was still very sad so ragini sat with mishka n laksh with uttara…..

laksh was irked with the fact of sitting away from ragini n swasan teased him while all laughed.
After sometime mishka rested her head on raginis chest and dozed off hugging her after crying badly. ragini felt bad for her. she kissed mishka’s forehead n she too dozed off.
laksh was smiling watching their bond and love for eachother and asked god to keep this
two most important persons in his life always happy….
Screen freezes on sleeping ragmik n a smiling laksh……

Precap:- Maheshwaris n gadodias back home…. party in MM…..

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