Swaragini a new journey part 3

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the next part just for u all…..
scene opens in raglak’s room,
laksh was working on his happy sitting on couch and ragini was busy changing cushions and bedsheets.
just mishka enters n jumps on bed resulting in ragini to panic and scream keeping hand on her chest. n watching this mislak(mishka n laksh) laugh.
R:- pagal ladki. dara diya hame. what are you doing here? go n sleep.
M:- mumma I was bored n bus was busy talking with someone on phone. so I came to talk with you n papa.
ragini sat next to her on bed n said.

R:- k my bachha is happy now we r going on a picnic?
mishka nodded in yes.
L:- achha hain maa-beti ki kya dosti ho gayi papa ko toh sab bhul gaye.
misrag(mishka n ragini) laughed n then mishka ran to laksh who picked her up n made her sit on his lap. ragini too came n sat next to them.
L:- papa do you think this will happen? laksh nods in no n ragini smiles at them. Just then uttara comes calling mishka’s name,
U:- mishka what are you doing here? we were going to play cards na?
M:- bua u were busy on phone so I came here.
uttara made her stand from laksh’s lap n said, k baba sorry come we will play , gn bhaiyya n bhabhi.
M:- gn mumma, gn papa.
raglak:- gn mishu.
R:- go but don’t awake for long sleep early. today we didn’t went for shopping but tomorrow we have to go.
M:- yes mumma.

U:- bhabhi shopping? I will too come. R:- k now go n sleep.
they both left saying raglak bye.
ragini was about to go back to work but laksh pulled her holding her wrist.
she landed on his lap.
L:- what madam? beti milgayi toh pati ko bhulgaye haan?
R:- patidev I didn’t forgot u but u r so busy that u don’t have time to even look at me.
L:- oh really..???
R:- yes really.
Laksh picked her up in bridal style n made her lay down on bed.
R:- what are you doing laksh?
L:- watching my wife. saying this he kissed her forehead.
they both smiled n the screen goes blur…( sorry guys can’t write romance mujhe sharam aati hain aur kisike personal life main zaankna bad habit……???????… lol….)
next morning, After breakfast all gents left n swaragini, uttara n mishka went for shopping.
swara n uttara selected new dresses for all to wear in picnic whereas ragini n mishka were busy with mishka’s story books, toys n dresses.
after shopping all the four ate chat n left home.
evening when laksh was back mishka showed him all her shopping n raglak n mishka shared some happy family moments…

@swasan room,
both are on bed in eachothers embrace.
Sn:- ragini ne ye picnic ka bohot hi achha plan banaya na?
S:- ha sanskar, for a change life will b normal n we could share some family moments.
Sn:- han par uskeliye family toh honi chahiye na?
S:- matlab?
Sn:- matlab. he pinned her on bed n came on top of her n the screen goes blur…( specially for swasan fans if any here so plz don’t complain that I don’t give importance to them)

@baadi, in shemish rum, both are sleeping on bed whereas ayush is sleeping between them.
M:- ha shekhar ragini said that we have to leave tomorrow early morning.
S:- k. mishti I m very happy for my both the daughters n proud of them n specially for ragini… the step she took of adopting mishka n accepting her as daughter is really a brave one…. I wish god to always keep them together and happy.
M:- I too wish the same shekhar…
next morning, all were in hurry to go for picnic.
all preparations were done which were required for them to stay there for 2 days as they were going to return on Monday morning.
all gents were in hall. sanlak were in t-shirt n jeans n Rp too was in a T-shirt for a change whereas Dp was in a cream color cotton kurta with white paijama n mishka was in a sky blue short pant n baby pink sleeveless top.

suddenly all the Maheshwari ladies appeared surprising them all with their looks.
AP was in a plain lemon yellow salwar kameez with dupatta on both her shoulders with Pallu on her head n her borla…..(kuch bhi hojaye borla nahi utarega) with mangalsutra n big diamond studs. Sujata with baby pink version of dress same as AP with golden chain in her neck n borla. ragini in a purple anarkali kurta with golden lase at the corners n purple leggings n no chunni with long but light weight golden earrings which appears like long simple diamond chain . only mangalsutra n no borla( yeh sudhargayi) n hairs forwarded at a side in a long plated pony, Sindur n watch in one hand n numerous simple thin golden Bangle’s in other hand. swara was wearing a 3/4th sleeved brown plain cotton kurta n cream leggings with silver studs n mangalsutra n hairs in a high ponytail and a watch. uttara in a sky blue 3/4th sleeved short cotton top and faded blue jeans n hairs left open n sky blue floral earstuds.

all gents were awestuck to watch them like this. there trance was broken when the ladies ask them about leaving n they left.
gadodias too joined them soon ie shemish n ayush.
in bus,
dp-ap were at first sit in right whereas raglak were at back of them. rp-suji at left n swasan at back of them. uttara was with mishka n ayush at back of raglak n shemish were at back of swasan. shekhar was in orange printed T-shirt with white pant n mishti was wearing a dark pink n dark blue Saree with funky oxidized earrings and a neckpiece with straight open hairs n sindur( like she wore previously ie before her marriage with shekhar)
the bus started.
after sometime.

@raglak side,
ragini was busy admiring scenary outside window avoiding laksh. he thought something n pulled her towards him holding her shoulder. she was first shocked but later smiled resting her head on his chest n he picked her forehead n wisped in her ear,
L:- you are looking so beautiful today that I can’t control myself. hearing this she blushed n buried buried her face in his chest. soon they dozedoff hugging eachother.

@swasan side,
swara rested her head on sanskars shoulder n he put his head on hers n they both dozed off with smiling face n holding eachothers hands.
soon they reached farmhouse. all came out of bus.
raginis eyes got welled up recalling the worst incidents of her life she experienced their but laksh held her hand tightly in his hand n smiled at her assuring her through his eyes that she is gonna have the best memories of her life hereafter. swasan looked at them smiling.

suddenly mishka screamed in excitement,
M:- wow papa its so beautiful n big. a smiling laksh picked her up n they all headed towards house. the watchman Pankaj welcomed them accomplished by his wife urjita n their 8 years old son vansh.all greeted them n them n Pankaj looked questioningly towards mishka laksh cleared his doubt.

L:- Pankaj she is mishka laksh Maheshwari daughter of me n ragini.
all smiled n pankaj greeted her too. mishka noticed vansh n said laksh to keep her down n she went to him. but he was hesitating to talk to her. Pankaj introduced him as his son. soon mishka n vansh got busy in talking n playing in gardan. uttara handed ayush to mishti. they all headed towards their rooms. their rooms were as raglak, swasan, AP-dp, rp-suj n shemish n ayush were in adarnita’s room n uttara n mishka were in uttaras room. all day went talking n relaxing and getting a glimpse of past incidents. dp-ap became sad hearing adarshs name but swaragini cheered them up.
screen freezes on happy faces of all.

precap:- raglak n swasan romance n youngsters Masti….


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