Swaragini a new journey part 2

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Hello friends…. thanks for your lovely comments on first part of my ff it means a lot to me… i was not able to reply all due to some personal reasons.. but I Reade’s every comment… so here I m with the next part of my ff… enjoy….
After sometime uttara comes back and raglak leave from there making mishka sleep and ragini kissing mishkas forehead..
@raglak room,
Both are sleeping on bed hugging eachother and ragini resting her head on laksh’s chest…
R:- laksh everything seems to be a dream now… you coming back, everything is fine n I got a sweet daughter like mishka. l m the most happiest person in the world now. l don’t want anything else. l m happy with what I have.
L:- but still ragini I want a new member for completing our family.
R:- new member? who?
L(whispering in her ear):- a choti ragini or a chotu laksh.
R:- laksh….saying this ragini hides her face in laksh’s chest n the screen goes blur…
The moon was the witness of their pure love n togetherness after so many days of misery and parting…..

Next morning,
ragini awake early as always and goes down for arti, letting laksh sleep as he was bit tired after the injuries by manik’s goons..
@MM temple,
Whole Maheshwari family was present except laksh n mishka.
AP:- ragini beta laksh kaha hain?
R:- maa he is still sleeping because he is a bit week due to injuries.
AP:- it’s OK let him sleep and mishka?
R(realising something):- o god I forgot to wake her up. I will just come maa.
AP:- no don’t wake her. let her sleep. she too is tired n even she is a heart patient. let her take rest. we will complete the arti n then wake them up.
Sn:-dono baap-beti kumbhakaran hain…. all laugh…
AP:- come swaragini start the arti.
whole MM is overjoyed hearing Swaragini’s melodious voice after so many days.
After aarti ragini goes up in their room with prasad for laksh and mishka…

@raglak room,
R:- laksh uthiye na. it is already late. how much will you sleep? I have to wakeup mishka too. saying this she turns to go but laksh pulls her holding her wrist n she lands upon him. both were lost in eachother sharing a long eyelock but laksh came back to sense and turns. now ragini was on bed and laksh was on top of her. he pins her hands on both the sides. he gently kissed her forehead, then her both eyes, her lips n nuzzled his face in her neck giving her soft kisses on her neck.
ragini was lost in him. she was enjoying his touch but then she came back to her sense due to pricking of birds,
R:- laksh what are you doing?
L:- you don’t know? loving my wife.
R(encircled her hands around his neck):- but patidev the door is open. if someone comes?
L:- no one will come(still continuously kissing her neck)
Just then mishka comes running screaming laksh name n raglak part away n mishka looks at them shocked.
M:- papa papa…!!
sits beside equally shocked raglak but still blushing ragini who is sitting n laksh laying beside her.
M:- mamma-papa what were u both doing?
R:- nothing mishu. u wokeuo n got ready too? good girl see mishka’s lazy papa still sleeping.
L:- oh its u who is late to wake me up. now see I will be ready in 20 min. saying this he goes for getting ready.
mishka turns her gaze to ragini
R:- beta take this(giving her the part of prasad for her) n this one is for papa we will keep it for him on table.
M(eating the prasad):- mumma I m hungry.
R:- come then I have made idli for breakfast.
M:- wow idli I love it..
saying this they both go.

@breakfast table,
All are having breakfast and swaragini are serving them.
just then sanskar speaks up.
Sn:-badepapa main kuch kehana chahata hoon.
all look at him confused.
Sn:- lucky I said u yesterday that one thing is still left to sortout n I want to bring it back to normal. saying this he stoodup n went to ragini.
Sn:- ragini ek wakt tha jab hum bohot achhe dost they aur Maine is baat ka faida uthaya. tumhara brainwash kiya. tumhe bura banane pe majboor kiya aur fir tumhe akela chod diya. hum bohot lade ek dusre me khilaf aur bad main ek saath chahe wo swara ke liye ho ya lucky ke liye. Lekin iss sab main meri dupatte wali dost kahi gume ho gayi. (forwarding his hand) to kya mujhe meri wahi dupattewali dost wapis milegi?
ragini n all were shocked, but then ragini came back to sense with a wide smile n teary eyes n shakes her hand with him.
R:- haan magar ab dupattewali nahi Palluwali dost wapis milegi. chalega?
Sn(first acts to think n then smiles n says):- chalega nahi dodega… all laugh at their antiques…
suj:- jiji ab sab thik hogaya.
AP:- ha Sujata..
but Dp’s expressions change to serious one n he says,
Dp:- lekin abhi bhi ek kaam bacha hain.
all looked at him giving a questioning look.
Dp(@mishka):- beta yaha aao.
mishka looked at ragini n laksh.
they both sign her to go
she went forward.
Dp:- beta u know everyone of us right?mishka nodded in yes.
Dp:-n now tell me what u will call everyone? start with anyone u want.
mishka first went to raglak-mumma n papa, then Dp as dadaji, AP as dadi, suji as choti dadi, rp as chore dadu, she stopped at swasan in confusion n then ragini came to her rescue calling them as her masi ma n chote papa n then mishka turned to last but not the least towards uttara calling her bua n received a kiss on her chick as a return gift from uttara.
then mishka’s face turned pale thinking about something which was marked by ragini.
R:-what happened mishu?
M:-mumma sometime before I saw a big photo of u all in living room but there were 2 more persons in it. 1 uncle n 1 aunty.
saying this she ran towards a nearby wall(where all the photos of Maheshwaris are hang). ragini go after her followed by all others. Mishka stops near the frame n shows it to ragini
she was shocked to see mishka asking about adarsh n pari n had no words to reply her. all others too see it n then swara comes to raginis rescue watching all tense.
S:- mishka they were just some guests n the photo seems beautiful so we framed it.
mishka nodded at it n all were relieved
to change the topic Dp added
Dp:- laksh what about the adoption procedure?
L:-papa the paper’s are ready n the police n court are with us so mansi had to accept it n she signed the no objection papers yesterday itself. even police were confidant that I n ragini will be perfect parents for mishka n will love her lot.
saying this laksh looked at ragini who gave him a assuring smile hugging mishka who was beside her n then said,
R:- n laksh I will today itself shortlist some schools which are best in Kolkata as we need to shift mishka’s admission from her old school as its very far n so we will need LC too.
S:- but it’s end of school year. would it happen now?
Dp:- swara mishka hamari poti hain aur isiliye hum uskeliye kuch bhi kr skte hain aur admission to bohot chotisi baat hain. to kabse Jana hain school ha mishka.
R:- papaji filhal to Christmas aur new year ke vajese chuttiya hogi schools ko to ab agle mahiney main hi school shuru hogi tabtak our and school ki admission cancelation aur new school ki admission procedure bhi ho jayegi. kyu laksh?
L:- ha ragini u r right.
Dp:- thik hain. laksh, sanskar, ram chalo hum office keliye nikalte hain.
he then turns to mishka,
Dp:- n what’s our princess is going to do today?
Mishka smiled n looked at ragini n back to Dp.
M:- going for shopping with mumma n maasi ma.
Dp:- very good. n turns to others let’s leave.
saying this he left followed by Rp n sanskar but laksh turned to mishka n kissed her cheek n to everyones surprise kissed raginis cheeks too n Ran away quickly living all shocked n making ragini blush like tomatos n later all teased her.
Suj:- hay besharam. kamse ka M badoka lihaj to krta.
AP:- chodona Sujata. chalo tum mere saath. she said suppressing her smile n went away dragging Sujata with her.
Ragini too ran away taking mishka with her before swara n uttara again start teasing her.
in afternoon after lunch

@raglak room,
ragini was arranging clothes in cupboard. just then mishka entered the room calling her n a book in her hand. ragini looked at her. mishka made her sit on bed n she sat beside her showing her a photo of beautiful scenery.
M:- mumma ye kitna beautiful hain na?
ragini looked at it n nodded in yes.
M:- mumma mujhe asi jaga jaana hain picnic ke liye with my whole family.
ragini smiled at her n took her in her lap kissing her on cheek,
R:- toh humara baccha ghumne Jana chahata hain?
mishka nodded in yes with n cute puppy face.
R:- OK so today we will talk to papa n dadu n then we will decide where to go. fine?
mishka smiled widely n kissed her on her cheek,
M:- main uttara bua ko batakr aati hoon.
she said it n ran away making ragini smile.
@night on dinner table,
all were having food n swara n ragini were serving them.
mishka held raginis Pallu who was passing by her to serve food to all. she signed ragini through her eyes to talk about picnic.
R:- papaji mishka aapse kuch baat krna chahati hain.
Dp( to mishka):- kya baat hain beta?
M:- dadu voh.
ragini got that she was scared so she continued.
R:- papaji voh mishka him subke saath kahi picnic pe Jana chahati hain jaha greenary hain aur vaise bhi parso aur tarso office ko chutti hogi toh hum soch rahe they ki kyu na him sub 2 din ke liye apne farmhouse chale? vaha gaye bohot din hogaye hain Hume aur hum kayi dinose ek saath sub kahi gaye bhi nahi toh ek family picnic bhi hi jayegi.
Dp thought something n then said,
Dp:- thik hain hum sub parso subah farmhouse jayenge. tayari kijiye.
mishka smiled n hugged ragini.
screen freezes on happy faces of all.

precap:- pre picnic shopping of Maheshwari women’s n picnic @farmhouse…

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