Swaragini a new journey -Part 1

Hi I guys Ketki is back with first part of ff Swaragini a new journey…. So let’s proceed without more bakbak of me…..
The story start from the day when Mansi n nikhil were arrested . At last after many months of misery and struggle Maheshwarie’s left a sight of relief… Whole day was very tiring for all.

At night after dinner, swaragini were busy chit chatting in raglaks room and sanlak were in garden…..

@raglak room,
R:- Finally everything seems normal swara.
S:- yes ragini, and everything will be perfect now onwards….

@MM gardan,
L:- Bhai, sorry for fighting with you that day. Adarsh bhaiyya had brainwashed me n thus I reacted so aggressively that day….
S:- Let it go Lucky, now everything is just perfect n normal, so don’t think about it much.
L:- you are right bhai, now all things are sort.

S:- No Lucky just one thing is left…
L:- What bhai????
S:- You will come to know about it tomorrow morning. Chal sone chalte hain……..

@raglak room

R:- Swara I m tired let’s sleep but first let me get a look at mishka….
S:- Hmm I m tired too… k we both will see her….
R:- No swara, I wanna met her alone as her mother….
S:- OK(she said smiling n gotup) Come I will go to my room n you go to mishka. She is in uttaras room….
They both left..

Ragini went to mishka n swara was on the way to her room but turned to go to get water from kitchen just then sanlak meet her,
Sn:- Swara you here?

S:- to get water from kitchen n u both?
L:- Going to sleep. Wanna speak to ragini too. u 2 continue.
S:- She went to talk to mishka.

L:- k bye gn
But as he was about to go swara got a cramp in her leg due to morning run from bank( vajan badh gaya bhabi as??????)…
S:- Ahh.. it’s paining

Sn:- what happened swara?
S:- I think cramp. don’t worry I will apply ointment n it will be OK.
She tried to walk but her leg was paining badly.
L:- kya bhai tula bhi na. Abhi hain moka maarde choka.
L:- arey pagal uthale…

Sn:- not bad bro. good idea.
S:- no sanskar…
But before she could complete sanskar lifted her and took her with him to their room n laksh smiles looking at them from back n headed towards uttara’s room.

@uttara’s room,
Ragini stood at the door watching a sad mishka sitting on her bed lost n uttara busy on a call ( can you guess who is on call??)
R:- may I come in?
A panic uttara first keeps quite n then answers,
U:- arey bhabi u? come na. you here at this time?
R:- Came to meet my daughter.. do I need to see time for that?
U:- no bhabi I didn’t mean that. sorry. k u talk I will be back in a while.. she said faking a smile n went away.
Ragini then turns to mishka n see her lost.

R:- mishka kya hua? aap thik to ho na beta? bhuk
lagi hain kya? aapne thikse khana bhi nahi khaya tha. aapke liye kuch leke aaye hum khane ke liye?
She said it and about to leave but mishka held her hand before she got up n hug her tightly n started to sob n soon the sob turned into a loud cry…
Ragini was first shocked but later a smile appeared on her face n she too huged her tightly…

R(still hugging mishka):- what happened beta?
M:- I m a very bad daughter na? aapko air papa ko bohot tang kiya na? aur isiliye mansi mumma bhi mujhe chodke chaligayi. I m very bad.

Just then laksh comes n stands at door watching them.
R( breaking the hug n making mishka face her):- kisne kaha humari beti buri hey ha?? she is the best daughter anyone can have n her laksh papa n ragini mumma loves her a lot. so no one is going to badmouth my daughter got it?
Hearing this mishka n laksh smile n mishka hugs ragini tightly again.
M:- I love you mumma.
Hearing word mumma from mishka’s mouth for the first time brought tears in ragini’s eyes n she hugged her tightly. laksh too was crying but after sometime he wiped his tears n rented the room saying ,
L:- Mumma mil gayi toh papa ko bhulgaye ha mishu?

resulting in both parting away.
He came n sat on either side of mishka.

M:- no papa but my mumma n papa both are the best.
saying this she hugged laksh n ragini both.
M:- papa give me your phone
laksh was first confused then gave her his phone n then mishka cutely took them in a frame to click a selfie n then said,
M:-my first happy family selfie…..???☺
Screen freezes on laksh n ragini hugging mishka from both the sides…

Precap:- Some family time for Maheshwaris……

Sorry guys for this boring update but was necessary for the plotting of further story…

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