Swaragini a new and fresh start (Part 1)

Part 1

Swaragini 7 april 2015


after this epi m going to start and no one knows what exactly happened 20 years ago.

dp gets irked and signs his goons to beat them. The goons held the stics up and…..
Swara: Sanky!!!!
Sumi n dida: Sanskar!!!

Sanskar comes and holds the goons and breaks the sticks. Amrita comes holding anisha’s hand. Sanskar holds a gun and aims ãt dp.

Sanskar: I may shoot if u dont stop this hell.

Amrita: Dont u dare to harm them mr…mr…shona?
Swara: Du..du….durga p…prasad maheshwari
Amrita: Yeah, mr dp maheshwari…..nd if u do, then no one wUd be as worse as me…..
Sanskar: Law is there for
people like u….dont force us to use it
Amrita: LEAVE

seeing the gun in sanskar’s hand, dp leaves and his goonS follow him.

Amrita: Drama is over now u all may also go.

The people leave.

Amrita: Nishu, go inside

Anisha also goes.
Dada, dadi and dida also go inside. Now only SharmiKhar, swaraginio and sanskar left.

Amrita: What was all this? Who was that man? That dp…who was he?

Swara tells her everything. Amrita gets shocked and murmurs something about 20 yrs back and leaves.

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  1. Gud one da

  2. What’s this???
    Couldn’t understand anything

  3. Were iz chakor? Epi dr? Nd dr again short update 😐 nd airlines? Nd lvy dvy? Nd evrest?

  4. Very nice make it Swasan and raglak

  5. sounds interesting….

  6. interesting….

  7. nice..
    pls swasan.

  8. I m unable to understand anything can u again give one summary in next chapter u can use Hindi also if you know hindi

  9. Tnq every1

    richu dii m in nani’s home…surrounded by cousins whole day so no tym to update but i’ll update udaan tomorrow….

    Amrita is shekhar nd sharmishtha’s childhood frnd nd sanskar is heR so. Anisha/nishu is amrita’s neice.

    I’ll start after The epi wch i hav given in the link…..

  10. I can’t understand anything.

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