Swaragini New FF: true love can never be separated (intro)

Hello everyone this is my another ff hope u like it

This story is of ancient times the story revolves around the life of a king and queen
It was a time when mens and womens were treated equally respect was given according to their status and talent not on basis of gender a region ruled by men was powerful then same as a ruled by women duties were assigned seeing capabilities
Its a story of love, scarifies, friendship, relation, duties, etc
Its about two enemy kingdoms the most powerful kingdoms of the world who’s enmity is from thousands generations their’s long story for their enmity lets see how life revolves around will their enmity get destroyed or not

Jayghad kingdom
Ruled by jaiswal dynasty
Adarsh jaiswal (samrath) : the present ruler of the kingdom he’s kind hearted and good king a powerful administrator son of shekar jaiswal and janki jaiswal
Shekar is died in a war. After father’s death adarsh elder son was crowned king
Shakti jaiswal(maharani) : adarsh’s wife a knind hearted lady has love for everyone
Janki jaiswal( rajmata): a strict but kind women for her first is kningdom then rest of her family a true kashtriya

Sanskar jaiswal( chote kunwar) : younger son of janki and shekar a good warrior younger brother of adarsh and senapathi of kingdom best warrior in land a kind hearted strict can do anything for his mother land bit naughty loves to play pranks on all a fun loving guy who knows to enjoy his life but he also cares for others beloved of all a good administrative has all good qualities to be a good and great king
Deendayal: a old and most trusted man of royal family he is serving the royal family from many years respected by all loves sanskar treats him as his own son sanskar too has equal affection with him sanskar calls him dadabhai all major decision are taken based on his comments a strong person who knows rajneethi very well a obedient and most loyal to royal family he can scarifies his life for them

Rukmani jaiswal(rani): second wife of shekar loves sanskar a lot but a cunning women who always wants her benefit first wants her son ved to be the king makes evil plans
This is about jayghad

Ruled by king durgaparsad singh (smarath) he’s a strict ruler for him his people his land is most important than anything else
Anapurna singh(maharani) : second wife of dp
A kind hearted women and queen loved by all mother of arjun
Arjun singh(yuvraj) son of dp and ap eldest of all siblings going to be next king a good warrior kind hearted
Ramparsad singh: younger brother of dp
Sujitha: his wife
Swara singh(badi kuwari): rp and sujitha’s daughter
A kind hearted girl cute chubby and bubbly loved by all cares for everyone a girl who follows traditions and respect them she’s also a warrior she knows sword fighting but never took it as a passion learnt to use in times of self protection a pure beauty from heavens loved by all she’s good at everything

Shouraya singh(bade kuwar) : son of rp and sujitha a spoiled brat hates arjun wants to be the next king by hook or crook can go to any extend to get his wish fulfilled a good warrior wants to rule world after arjun he’s the eldest of all
He makes evil plans with his parents swara is unware about all this she loves her brother
Ragini singh (kuwari/ choti kuwari) : daughter of dp and his first wife lost her mother at the time of birth their’s a secret related to her birth she considers ap as her mother ap gave her all motherly love but deep in heart she hates her for some reason ragini is unaware about who’s her mother
She’s different from all loves sword fighting she’s the best warrior of land can do anything for her kingdom. People of kingdom loves her the most more than the kings words they trust her beloved of her teachers and family seeing her fighting spirt her teachers gave her name “tejas” she is also called tejasvi peoples beloved her brother arjun named he priyadarshni and swara calls her samyatha loved by all she loves her brother arjun the most and swara’s is her best friend and most loved sister everyone’s loved once
Ap hates ragini’s sword fighting she wants her to be as other normal princess she does everything that her mother wants her to do a obedient girl who loves to break rules some what naughty

Arjun loves radhika but don’t want to marry her ragini and swara knows about his love they tried to know the reason many times but were unsuccessful
Arjun knows why ap hates ragini and the secret related to her he loves his sister the most after knowing about ragini her secret and one more secrete of family he don’t wanna marry their is a story related to it wants to protect his sister and kingdom
Lakshya raj: senapti of uday ghad a great warrior best friend of ragini and arjun
Ragini plays many pranks on others with him her partner in crime arjun trust him the most ragini shares all her secretes and worries with him a best friend
Ap and dp consider him as apart of royal family from childhood he was with them ragini laksh and swara grew up together he knows everything about shouraya but he’e helpless
Swara and laksh don’t like eachother more they always have tom and jerry fights
So gues how’s the intro

plsz comment I am eagerly waiting for that suggestions criticism everything is most welcomed

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  4. Wowwww crystal…it was amazng……loved it yaaar..???….ragini is fulll of mystry….n her intro is fabulousssssss…..i thnk its a ragsan n swalak ff…bt pairs dsnt matter to me……..☺….alll d bst dear…n plz post d 1st episode soon…☺

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