swaragini New ff….(KYA YE HI PYAAR HAI) Intro

Hiii Guyzzzzzz…….am a silent reader of almost al d ff’s….am influenced by some of d ff stories…i would lyk to write an ff of swaragini…but i need all of your support..!den nly i’ll write..i had named it as KYA YE HI PYAAR HAI:-)..hope u’ ll support me..if u r interested i’ll give d promo of ma storyline..bt i cant start writing coz ma exams r ahead nd it’ll lasts till 28 march..bt i’ll surely strt to write it on 28 th itself…so plzzz support me..r u guyzz interested????:-)…if YES… Do u need promo…????

Am a huge fan of swaragini…nd therefore i’ll give ma 100% effort to this ff…:-)

And pairing vl be RAGLAK N SWASAN coz i luv ragini nd sanskaar bt TEMISH d most..so i made it raglak instead of ragsan…:-)
I’ll give the intro of characters later…i had added 2 extra characters..am not reaveling about d characters nw coz its a SURPRISE!!!(nd am sure by hearing those characters most of u guyzz vl be superhappy..:-))

Once again…plssssssssssssssssssssssssss support nd encourage me to write!!!!

If u have any suggestions..,vthout hesitation u can share it vth me….
Nd yeah… About d PROMO…i’ll give it nly if u r intrstd…:-)
Dats it….:-)

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  1. i gues ur gng to gve a nyc ff keep updatng waitng fr ur ff

  2. all the best FiRuShA for the ff and your exams would have loved it if it were tevar but then temish is awesome too eagerly waiting for your plot 😉 and yea a small request do give importance to both the sisters

  3. new ff on ragini. i will definitely read ur ff. thanks alot…

  4. I think the 2 new characters are their kids…isn’t it??

  5. ok i m intrested

  6. Thank u ma frnzzzz…:-)
    NIDHI:ofcourse yaaaaar….i’ll give importance to both COUPLES n SISTERS…….!
    And both couples includes 1 f ma favourites(RAG n SAN:-);-))…SWARAGINI is ma fav sisters..:-)

    KRITHIKA:its not their kids…………..they are another popular couples frm a popular show….nd i think they vl be ua favourite too;-)

  7. Will be waiting for ur ff good luck for ur exams

  8. Guyzzzz i’ll post PROMO soon..:-)
    Thanks for ua spprt…lv u guyzzzz:-)

  9. we r waiting dear…. n al d best for ur examss…

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