SWARAGINI (New ff) Episode 2


Thank you so much guys for loving my FF and also thankyou for such good response for the episode 1 ..
Here’s the update of next episode..
Swara comes to sanskar and asks him why is he sad..is he sad due to talks of Laksh..
Then she hugs him and cheers him up..she kisses him on cheeks..
Sanskar says if this s your way to cheer me up then for every single moment I m ready to be sad..

On the other hand laksh is angry on sanskar and breaks things in his room..
And then laughs loudly..he calls ragini and asks her to come to home as he as arranged a party..

Sanskars mom heres this and goes to tell this to sanskar..

Sanskars room
Swara and sanskar are spending quality time…sanskar says to swara that we both will go out to have ice cream as you won ..

Just then Sanskars mom enters and says him..you both plan to party.. just by havng ice cream..and there your brother laksh is planning to give party to whole city..
Sanskar is angry..
But controls his anger..

And says he will think of it later..
And goes with swara ..he says he will drop her home..
Sanskar drops swara to home…and see ragini standing there he comes to her and congrats her..
Ragini and swara both are happy..
Ragini says him thankyou

On the other hand sanskar calls his mom and tells him about his plan..
He calls shramista and tells her that he wants to marry swara…
And he will announce it in a party tonight..and asks her not to tell about it to swara as he wants to surprise her…and tells her that only family members will be present in the party…
(in all the above story only laksh’s and sanskars room were shown )
Its evening..
All are dressed well..its shown that house is divided in two parts…and all guests are welcomed in home..

Sanskar proposes swara and asks her will he marry him..  and swara is shell shocked..(with other family members too except shramista and sanskars mom)

Credit to: Crazy

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  1. let it b swasan n raglak only

  2. y swara is shocked.

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