Swaragini New (Fan Fiction Part 1)

Disclaimer/note this different story from which we are seeing so read with a new look


A sweet day with a fresh start in kolkata. a street with big houses. As we enter a house that has fantastic wood work. We see a lady of about 45-50 sitting in the big red sofa and rummaging through newspaper suddenly there is a shrill scream from a room calling out “Shurmista” the lady hurries to the room. A granny with jabmala asking her to bring ganga jal to purify the idol. She gets busy there. Meanwhile we see a gentleman who acts as though used to it gets with work stressed. There is a compelete silent, a soft veena sound starts playing as we enter the room we see a girl still in pajamas with a high pony playing veena. Her eyes is seeing other direction towards bed. A rocking guitar tears its sound from the cover a girl in her night pant stands on the bed playing her. her face is shown a chubby face cute with a dimple with short hair tied telling ” ragini you won waking me up” now face of ragini is shown a very pretty face smiling wide after her success politely replies ” swara neither of us won u were already wake but lazy. For a bit mix swaragini needed to make ur laziness go”. both girls start giggling.

Next epi: entry of heroes

Avoid the spelling mistakes. i will be continuing after viewing comments so pls do reply.

Credit to: unknown


  1. Brity

    I think you can continue @Unknown…. As we All are tired of stupid track of real SWARAGINI… Hope this time Swara and Sanskar will be couple from the starting…

  2. unknown

    @ritu swara is actually is thin and has a bit chubby face that gets red when angry and pink when she blushes. Ragini a thin tall( compared to swara) a innocent and mischievous face. Ragini’s character will be bit different from what we see. @ brity i can’t reveal the pair now because not made up my mind after the entry of heroes u all can suggest the pair.

    I hope all like and for sure i will not make swaragini foes

  3. Guest

    Yaaay now ragini finally to realise her mistake…. But swalak seems impossible cause swara says no… I saw a you tube clip…

  4. Aparna

    Hi unknown. Pls carry on. I think all r tired of the current track of swaragini n ur story will gain popularity. As we can’t c it onscreen so i want swalak 2 unite here otherwise i luv 2 c swasan 2gether. Plz don’t make swara or ragini as villian. And 1 thing don’t make it a saas bahu serial. Plz show their college luv and romance

    • swara

      Really I think u should show there college love and romance and not make them villain just like what aparna said. And anybody like to read my story??? Actually I love to write stories .

      • swara

        And I vote for swalak coz they loved each other and they love even now and they were seperated bcoz of ragini not swara or laksh but in Swasan sanskar love swara but swara don’t she loves and only loves laksh. swalak rock!!!!

  5. Taani

    Gud job unknown. Me too sick of watching real SWARAGINI….. U may continue bt there shd b logic in ur every episode.

  6. Nikki

    Nice beginning …. yes i too totally agree with aparna ! this story should be a different one from all those boring saas bahu serials !!!! college life is the best choice …… 🙂
    and yes plz do make swalak together !! 😉

  7. harsha

    Please swasan should be together,anyhow don’t show extreme ragini with evil and extreme swara with goodness.

    • Guest

      Yeah even I don’t like evil ragini though in real life these innocent behaving ppl hv khtarnak secrets hidden :p

  8. Guest

    No no. There s a very huge twist. To bring ragini s truth sanskaar swara nd lakshya together plan a huge fight in which lakshya gets killed in front of ragini but question is at least now vil truth come out… :p now I hv started to find this very funny

  9. Guest

    Yeah I want swalak together though I like swara sanskaar posting too.. But swara tells no she vil not separate them when ragini realises her mistake nd tels her to marry lakshya. 🙁

  10. kfar

    Wow @unknown- its u!!!!!
    Or am I mistaken?!?
    How cool dat u started a fanfic swaragini…awesome yaar. Great going. Umm, Sawlaak fan yaaaaaaar 😀 sometimes i get confused wit all the swasaan scenes too.
    Keep posting dear.

  11. unknown

    Guys just chill i told wait till the entry of heroes and described view of heroine character then decide pair. This different story so wait pls in next epi u guys decide

  12. Wow unknown ur really ther wid anoder story of swaragini I m jus likingd way u showwd d both cuties n I m guessing dis story is gonna be very thrilling n hilarious !!!
    So pls update d nxt part quikly !!!!!

    HEY unknown y dont u rite a name of urs !!! Sorry if I said smthing rong !!!

  13. Sk

    Swara can use her mind.just I’ll marry in presence of my mom.first
    Why writer always shows swara stupid and Ragini smart

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.