Swaragini New (Fan Fiction Part 1 Contd.)


The turn around giggling they see the time is 6:30. They can’t be late today as it is so special. They hurry to get ready.

At same time somewhere a smoky with vrooming and loud cheers are coming. We see a guy with perfect10/10 balance wheeling. He crosses the finish line completing 250 meters. He takes off his helmet arriving with a smooth halt. His face so handsome that anyone can fall for him, his grey eyes expressing his happiness with a wide smile. A person from crowd hugs him and tells “wow sanskar you won my bet”. Sanskar appalled replies not again laksh. Laksh sanskar’s brother bit short than him but as handsome as latter. Laksh and Sanskar eyes clash in anger showing their rivalry. Laksh’s watch beeps saving from a disaster there it’s 6:45 and they better be at home in 15 minutes. Laksh takes on the bike with sanskar behind him they speed up to home.

The girls ready by now perfectly. Ragini in plain neon pink chudi(like the one swara wore while proving sans innocent )with black santern border with black design in upper dress with black legins and black duppata. Swara on other side in blue long skirt and orange top both plain.

They wore less makeup which made them look more pretty. It’s 7:00 now they proceed down.

Other side sanskar and laksh thanking omi for his bike. Omi their friend and neighbor. They jump to their house and climb pump to their room.

We maheshwari family durgaprasad asking to wake sanskar and laksh as it is big day for them to two ladies. These ladies are sujata and annapurna they obey and go towards their son’s room….


Like it pls comment below. I study in school so updates will be at odd time .

Credit to: unknown

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  1. @Writer
    I appreciate your efforts.


    Better study. No fiction can replace the original Swaragini. Let the the show be over. Then you write.

    1. I agree. If you wanna write, you can go to some forums or something.

  2. Luv it yaar mostly the entry scene of sanskar. Writers should have made sanskar’s entry scene like this.

  3. I like sanskar’s entry.

  4. nice one Gr8 efforts.Mr./Miss. writer Can u reply me back coz i have many ideas

    1. I am “miss” u can surely share ur ideas

  5. Interesting begining… Hope swara nd laksh will be a pair

  6. impressed by da way sanskaar’s entry is shown it was juz awesum

  7. Are you from INDIA @Unknown??? I mean is the class time in INDIA in day shift???

  8. Varsha Darshini

    Gr8 one bt don’t leave ur studies as well, all the best for ur career

  9. If u don’t mind guys can I do a story…I am sure u guys will like it…can I try

  10. Nice beginig…loved it…I am swasan fan

  11. Its a goood morning in kolkata.its quite n peaceful.but there is somewhere a noise..
    U wanna kno were…..its none other place than badi…were two oldies r fighting…one is Bengali n other is marwadi…tat is parvati n shobha…
    From one houz comes a somewhat old but still handsome shekher…nd from the other houz comes a women having sindoor in her head nd mangalsutra in her neck..
    They take their respectives mothers insude…

    1. Swalagasan…. Too long name… Ahh… Your story matched with the real one…
      You can also post your Story as a fanic…

  12. After sometime we see tar the ladies who were fighting r saying sorry to each other n hugging…
    Sumi comes out of her own houz nd goes to sheker’s houz..
    Sumi says ma I just went to my home for 2min u started fighting with mom y??
    Dadi says that ur mom was letting u come to my houz ….both laugh n enjoy
    Shekher comes to a room n opens the curtains….nd says good morning betiyan
    A reply comes good morning paapa from two beautiful girls…kno as ‘swaragini’…swara is chubby cute….ragini is tall n sweet…
    Sheker tells them to get ready for college…the girls hug him tight nd OK…we love u a lot!!!sheker say I love u too betiyan..

  13. U plz write dont listen to dabba grrr and keep studying well as i too study in school. grade7

  14. U plz write dont listen to dabba grrr and keep studying well as i too study in school. grade7

  15. Yaa….first give importance to ur studies pls…..

  16. miss unknown….ur story is very intresting.keep writting

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