Swaragini New (Fan Fiction Part 1 Contd.)


Annapurna opens the door and sees a body lying like a log covered through out. While sujata reaches sanskar room and sees messed up bed. She calls out sanskar’s name and the reply immediately comes from washroom telling he is getting ready and asks sujata to go. Annapurna calls laksh and he turns before she comes close and tells i will be ready in no time u can go down. Annapurna and sujata leave the room. Laksh and sanskar sigh with their close escape.
In SR house
Swara and ragini come down the stair and proceed towards breakfast table. They everything all ready. They sit next to their dad. Though they are rich very rich they six seated table. Well guest table will be jaw drop big. Swaragini greet everyone. All start having food. Dada appreciate both for singing skill. Shekar’s face goes a bit cross with it well though he stress free now of that song. He says just 10days studies over and you both takeover my business . Both girls feel the food stuck in mid throat and gulp it hard. They give a fake unhappy smile. Shekar was very happy from the moment his two daughters were born, yes swaragini are inidentical twins. He wants his daughters to handle his business. Shekar returns the smile to SR. SR excuse themselves from table saying they may get late to college. The girls leave with their bag as they come out swara takes out admission letter it written “SAL MUSICAL ACADEMY “it is academy for professional musical training. The girls sigh and leave.
Sanskar and laksh come to dining ladies are standing to serve they take place. The bf table really long. Dp ask why were they late today ,it is first day of work. They don’t reply and continue their breakfast. After breakfast sanskar and laksh take blessing from Dp. Dp wishes them good luck for the “SAL music academy”as the head of it.
SAL(sanskar and laksh). They both leave to work which will change their fate.
SAR and SAL start their step towards same destination .

Next epi: first meet
I hope all like. Pls forgive me for mistakes . I was busy yesterday so updating it today. I reveal the pair as swalak and ragsan. As many want swalak here plus in original swaragini it is swasan so here different. I will try update the epi soon.

Credit to: unknown

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  1. super dear continue writing

  2. I like this. Pls don’t make swaragini foes. let the love starts blooming between the 4

  3. Nice episode. 1 thing i can’t understand is dp the head of sai musical academy or SAL r going 2 learn music there? Anyway thnx 4 revealing the pair. Bt i hope u saw the spoiler that swalak r going 2 unite again.

  4. Hiiiii…… nice starting and all the best….

  5. I hope here swaragini will not be against each other.good story keep it up

  6. Hmm….nice story….

  7. Guys can I write A story plz….I just want an opportunity

    1. U have to email it

  8. I liked it a lot….as I desperately want swalak….to happen

  9. Nice…But hope there will be no stupid dramma like real one…

  10. I luved dis better Dan d real one

  11. @ unknown Hi! I am a silent reader all the ff.pls make swasan as pair because there is separate fanfic created fr swalak but no swasan. Here there r equal swasan fans also. V swasan fans want to see swasan romance atleast here which v miss on real swaragini. Please.,

    1. Don’t worry anu swasan luv scene will start soon after ragini will be exposed. I read in wiki that swara’s name is swara sanskar maheshwari. So obviously swasan scenes will start soon.

  12. Sorry @ anu actually swalak or swasan both ok but already planned my sorry according to it if i can i will write a story on swasan soon enough.
    @aparna ya i saw the spoiler. And it is sanskar and laksh the head of SAL music academy. And dp will head SAL enterprises which revealed to play soon. Sorry if my story is unclear.

    1. Don’t say sorry yaar. I just got little confused & ur story is very clear.

  13. Nice unknown..i like that swra and ragini are identical twins

  14. swara nd sanskar jodi is good. i like them

  15. Tooo gooodddd…

  16. It’s really gud but make swara n sanskar jodi plzzzz !!

  17. Ya unknown plz plz plz plz make swasan jodi as it looks cool nice & awesum

  18. Sorry swalak fans i think it’s going to be swasan and raglak here as many insist. I hope minnie swalak romance and here swasan so aol the fans happy

  19. Final no more change it’s swasan and raglak pair 🙂

    1. Thank you…Thank you… Thank You… @Unknown..
      Swasan is gonna be awesome… Yippppeeeee….

  20. u knw wat !? u r doing a great job…i m actually loving ur story than the original one !! pls pls focus on ragsan….i always waited fr their story to kick start in swaragini bt the writers totally dissapointed me by making ragini negative

    1. Oh noura sorry to disappoint with change of mind as many asked swasan here. Now i won’t reveal the pair whether it’s swslak or swasan because confused u will know in next epi. And guys i have take away the original swaragini off the mond while mine as character of rags sans lucky and swara are bit different. I write another story soon enough with the pair opposite to what is going to be here

  21. Akshaya Radhakrishnan

    Hey! @unknown The story line is just amazing….. N exciting tooo…….Please unite swalak………Since sanskaar is a part of DAZZLERS swasan would be very much predictable… But swalak scenes would be interesting to read…….


  22. @unknown plz yaar make it swalak….plz don’t change it…plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz swalak always plz

  23. pls stop . Who told you to post it . if you wanna create a story do it in your blog. Why posting in a original updates

  24. Plz I don’t understand dis update, is it part of d movie or something u came up with on ur own??????

  25. OMG I m very late yaar unknown ur story is really great yaar pls cntinu !!!

  26. hello excuse me,
    swaragini identical twins, no do u think they look similar,
    i knw they r little similar but not identical they r fraternal twins

    1. Excuse me it is “inidentical”

  27. Pls update next part I think u are gonna make swalak…. anyways all the best

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