Swaragini New (Fan Fiction Chapter 9)


Recap: the eight meet and find the enem as raghav lekh.
Siya omi ram and piya plan to get him busted.
It’s fresh day and usual morning. Swaragini and sanlak went to company. Swaragini gained some interest in their new ideas. They reach their cabin and see their mobile beeping with msg from piya. Swara reads it ” meet me games park at 4″ swaragini take a leave from office. They get down the car and see even sanlak have come there. Swara feels 50% happy and 50% angry. All four enter the games park it’s fun place with kids playing building blok and some guys seem around 13 playing bike games. They see siya piya ram and omi sitting on grassy mound and chatting. They join there and form a circle. Swara asks siya why she had called them here. Piya smiles and take her iPad starting a video. Sanlak and swaragini are shocked seeing it.
The flashback
It’s morning piya and ram with her ipad shows thumbs up to a car. In car it’s omi and siya connected with laptop and showing a video what ram seeing. A button camera attached to ram’s shirt. They go near a godown. Ram sees the ventilator, he points it to piya. She nods and starts the video on her ipad and searches a stool to place it there. Ram understands and lifts her along her waist she places the iPad and positions it. He gets her down she thanks him they sneak to the side to watch if raghav lekh has come out. Meanwhile omi and siya see the contact and other details of raghav in the car. Just then he looks up and sees piya and ram running holding the iPad. Siya starts the car as she was the one driving it and the latter jump into the car and vroom they are here.
Flashback ends
Swaragini hugs them. Swara tells i will get something for u guys treat by us. Swara gets up laksh stops her and says he will accompany her. She nods and they leave towards stall.
Swara: i don’t want to talk to you. You know we are JUST friends. And never expected u will fall in love with me.
Laksh : i never told i love u.
Swara: that day u kissed me didn’t mean it.
Laksh: then u mean it to your.
Swara: i never said so
Laksh:but eye does.
Laksh grabs swara’s arm and twirls her and clutches her close. Ragini and others will see laksh holding swara tight she tries to go but sanskar holds her wrist and orders her to sit. Ragsan see swalak tensedly.
Laksh: swara it’s enough of ur acting. Why do u always tell only to me just friends? Why does every hug and hold means for u? Why u always show hate in u when ur eyes says something? Why swara why?
A tear trickles down her eyes to cheeks
Swara: laksh u are hurting
Laksh loosens his grip on her arm
Swara: i fear that i might love u, i fear it can take my dreams away, i fear …..i fear i may loose i can’t bear that. I love u laksh that’s why i try to be away from but i can’t anymore.
Saying it swara hugs him and cries. Laksh hugs her back and brushes her hair and says i love you too swara and i will take all the fear in your heart.
Ragini jumps seeing all fine between them and hugs sanskar in happiness. She realises and retreats back she notices him still holding her hand even ram siya piya omi notice and chuckle. Ragini takes her hand and slides it under her jean pocket. Swalak come back laughing and happy. Omi says man today is the best day. Ragini is still sad feeling so empty in her heart.
Next epi: raghav lekh truth relived to dp and shekar they unite back and 2days for swaragini birthday
Wow i made it happen soon ya less ragsan but first swalak ka paka hona dho then u will soon find many more ragsan. If miss something in my story to attract you do tell me i will change it.

Credit to: Unknown

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