Swaragini New (Fan Fiction Chapter 9 Contd.)


Recap: swalak the love birds
It’s morning swara wakes up with her mobile beep it’s from laksh ” gud morning shona. Bring ur dad to cabinet blindfolded there to reveal all truth”. Swara replies “okey dokey”. She wakes up ragini but covers herself with cover and replies i want to sleep. Swara leaves the room. She returns and sees ragini sleeping yet she takes jug of water with ice which she got and pours it on ragini. Ragini wakes with a jerk and sits straight a ice cube goes into her shirt she jumps from her and takes a handfull of ice cube lieing on the bed and puts it in swaras shirt. Swara screams feeling the chill down her spine. Both take the pillow and start fighting and at last both sit exhausted. Swara tells get ready it’s doomsday of raghav lekh.
The girls are ready swara and ragini wear a same type of floral frock which reaches to knee. They look same to same today but ragini ties a pony tail to her hair while swara lets it open. They take a black scarf and come down. After breakfast they blindfold shekar and take him. He asks where are they taking him. Ragini says we are kidnapping u to a deep a jungle. Shekar laughs. Swara driving the car tells papa a surprise.
They reach a farmhouse in a jungle it belongs to sanlak. They enter the room and see dp and a man of 50 tall firm feeling less he is raghav lekh it’s first time swaragini seeing him. Even they are blindfolded. Swara sees laksh and is really happy and sends him a flying kiss. Ragsan see it and smiles, ragini thinks sanskar is really a pattu. They open the eyes of all three. Shekar and dp see each other and stands up to leave but swara and laksh hold them and asks them to sit. Ragini switches on the projector there. A video of raghav lekh he meets a mysterious man and says ” boss as told we ruptured shekar and dp’s business soon we will spoil their family. Well i never thought they would have very less trust on each other however it’s our benefit” the video cuts. Shekar and dp angrily eye raghav who tries to sneak from there. Sanskar stops him and beats him while police comes and arrest raghav. Dp and shekar hug eachother and apologize. All happy. Swaragini leave to take the car. Sanlak talk to shekar about something but swaragini don’t hear it. They come out and the girls ask what were they talking to her father. Laksh says he asked how we know u. They see sanlak suspiciously. Sanlak says let us leave.
Sanlak leave dp at office and ask can we go out pa and can we even join the academy again. Dp smiles of course u can.
Sanlak come to an jewelry. Laksh asks them to show diamond rings. He asks sanskar to help finding a design. Sanskar searches many. He sees a ring with center stone and gold leaf plate design on sides. Sanskar thinks it’s for my ragini. As he is seeing it laksh says i got it and take ring a stone of shape of dewdrop with platinum base. He bills and as they leave sanskar says he left his mobile in and ask him get the car and wait. Well it’s a multi complex so it takes 5minutes to take get the car out. Sanskar comes in and bills that ring and gets his mobile. He hides the ring and they leave.

Next epi: Shopping day yipee!!!! Sanlak and swaragini shopping
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Credit to: Unknown

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  1. Wowwww i like ur fanfic dr… because of ragasan…

  2. Wow luv swalak nd ragsan
    Also swara nd rags moment
    Ha haha cute fighting of swarag
    Thanxx unknown u r amazing

  3. nice yaar pls update soon

  4. heyy itz just awesome plz plz continue n update faster n try to update more plzzzz…………:-)

  5. Very good good job

  6. Awesome ep. Wanna see ragsan scenes.

  7. I seriously wish that ragini and sanskaar end up together in the show and not swasan. Don’t like swasan. Ragsan have this spark

    1. True…even i want ragsan…their offscreen chemistry is so nice ..it ll b gud if they r paired onscreen too …every1 wanted ragsan and were excited wen sanskaar was brought to the show….

      1. I agree with u. Ragsan have this spark. But there is no spark in swasan. Really hoping to see Ragsan onscreen.

  8. Good epi…want d sanlak academy scenes in d upcumin episodes…

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