Swaragini New (Fan Fiction Chapter 8)


Swara and laksh has broken into the office but suddenly a suddenly a security shutters drops down. Neither they could scream nor do anything. Swara takes her mobile out sees no network due to closed shutter. She throws her down in anger. Laksh calms her and says let’s do our work atleast. Swara opens the computer searches the cctv video. While swara sits laksh stand, bends down more and more for better vision of the computer. His chin hits swara’s shoulder. Swara takes a breathe and continuous searching they get it and save to their pendrive. As they are about view the video the power goes off as part of security. Swara gets up from seat she trips and falls down. She feels soft layer in the place she fell. She takes her mobile and switches on it. The light gleams across laksh’s face and he couod also see her. Swara thinks she fell on him crap. She tries to get up laksh held her tight to him. Her eyes wide opens it’s dark again the next she could feel on his lips on her lip. She doesn’t kiss back. There sudden creak of shutter. Swara gets off him and composes her self. She notices her lipstick mark on laksh cheeks. When did that happen swara thinks and recalls that for sometime they were really intimate. Shutter opens and ragsan see them and smile. Swara rushes out and takes some breathe. She sees ragini and asks what is she doing here. Ragini says we need to be home in half an hour we have puja at 4. Swara sees laksh too casual and tells ragini i will come with u. Laksh says sanky u take swaragini with u in car i will come in bike. They leave from there. Swara sits back while ragini in front. Swara sees herself in side mirror behind her laksh is seen. He sends a flying kiss swara’s cheeks turn red. Ragini sees them and signs sanskar both cough to bring swara’s attention. Swara asks ragini how she opened the shutter. Ragini says handprint. Ok now garodia nivas has come swaragini are not able reach the rope. Laksh lifts swara holding her waist swara control herself from screaming so that no one hear them. Sanskar lifts ragini like feather she thanks him. They reach them ragini waves bye to sanlak while goes in. Ragini comes in and smiles at swara. Meanwhile sanlak have reached home sankar sing pyaar hua chup kaise teasing laksh. Laksh asks sanskar will he help sanskar says ok tmrw we can ask rags help also.
Next epi: a couple bonding as enemy (swalak)and other as frnd(ragsan)
Ya it’s short epi but tried best soon u will see many ragsan moments toooo. Pls comment below

Credit to: unknown

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  1. good u hv done swalak

  2. Nice epi unknown

  3. Nice episode and i want to read more ragsan moments also yarr

  4. Good going…..

  5. Finally ragsan ff yaar….. thank u so muchhhhhh…. plz cntnue lik this only

  6. y swalak as enemies ma.did swara refused his love

  7. Waiting for ragsan !!

  8. Miss unknown…a small request !! Jst write 2 or three lines abt what happened in the previous epi like a precap …will b easy to recall what happened b4

  9. Please plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz write a few lines what happened before so that we can recall.

  10. Sure noura i will do it. And i want to show different types of love. Swalak will have some fight and become one. And other type being a frnd falling in love with each other i.e. ragsan

  11. This was awesome. Can’t wait for next update. More ragsan moment plz

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