Swaragini New (Fan Fiction Chapter 8 Contd.)


In previous epi we saw swalak collecting the cctv video. Swalak kiss and now they have reached home.
The girls come out wearing saree for puja. A red same to same saree with bead works and look majestic and grand. They wear suitable ornaments and go down. They see all the puja items ready and waiting just for them. They had made it on time. They take their place and the priest starts chanting mantras. The girls shower the flowers on idol kept before according to priests mantra. The puja is over and priest take swaragini’s kundali (horoscope) and read it. He looked and his showed all is well. He turned to shekar and tell never worry ur daughters life will take a new form, new relations will be found, new difficulties, new problems but when they are together all is good. The girls hold each others hand and take aashirvad from priest. He takes a leave.
Swaragini come to their room and change to their casuals. Ragini receives call from sanskar he says he wants to meet her fast don’t tell swara. Ragini turns and sees swara, swara tells she is sleepy she will take a small nap tell mama and papa that i am sleeping. Ragini tells ok. Ragini comes down and tells sumi that swara is sleeping and she is going out will be back soon.
Ragini meets sanlak in coffee shop. Sanlak are also in their casuals a jean and t-shirt She sits besides sanskar. Laksh asks swara didn’t know it right that u are meeting us. Ragini nods smiling. Sanskar turns ragini’s chair towards his chair with ease. He says ragini we need a help lucky has fallen in love. Ragini turns towards laksh and teasingly asks “who mr. Lucky. Oh no need to tell i know it’s swara u have fallen in love”. She again turns sanskar and tells ” u want me to help lucky to propose his love to swara and swara must also accept. Done!”. Sanskar eyes her mesmerized ragini shakes him and signs what. He nods his head and thinks i wish u would my love towards u soon rags. They get their ordered dish the guys see ragini suspicious and ask u didn’t mix this time anything right. Just then ragini took a sip cream coffee. She keeps the cup down and nods no. Sanlak start laughing seeing ragini sees them confused. Sanskar controls himself and takes a tissue and wipes the line cream mustache on her lips. Ragini looked like a kid that time. She gave a punch on sanskar’s arm for mocking her. As they completed their drink ragini says we will talk more about this in apricot garden it’s silent and very few people to discuss it.
All three come to apricot garden and sit in a fine place with full of trees. They sit in triangle. Ragini says laksh why i said this place is because swara loves it a lot. It’s cold and refreshing here even laksh has fallen for this place. Ragini tells “swara like dandelion and hates rose never propose her with one. Her favorite color is blue and purple. She loves chocolate. And by the way our birthday is just a week ahead so propose her that day before that impress her before that we must unite our father”. Laksh thanks her and says “yesterday gave the pendrive to swara she has it we will meet at ram my friends house”. Laksh leaves to call ram as there is no signal in between the trees. Ragini slides to the nearby tree and rests her. She feels the bark chill enter her body. Many apricot hung down the tree. She likes it’s smell. Sanskar also takes the shade under the tree. All of a sudden his eyes narrowed to ragini he immediately locked both sides. He doesn’t eye ragini but something behind her. Her eyes followed his and saw his hand caught something and held it in his hand with his kerchief. He opened it and saw a big spider that would have bit her. Ragini huged sanskar seeing such big insect and thinking about disgusted feeling after it would have bit her. Sanskar threw it away he then realises that he is on ragini who has hugged him tightly. He looks down at ragini and so does ragini a deep very deep eyelock follows. They are just an inch away from each other.Laksh’s voice disturbs them laksh comes before he could see ragsan they composed themselves. Laksh sits down and says lets leave it’s alredy late. Ragini grabs her bag and stands up. She says ok lets leave. Laksh confused of her sudden reaction. She says “laksh one minute show how will you propose swara”. Laksh says ” ha, u are fine. Now um… I can’t do”. Ragini says “swara hates such people who says can’t. Come imagine this apricot tree and propose. Come on jiju”. Laksh makes a face at the last face”jiju??”. Ragini “yes jiju. Ok i will u lucky itself”. Laksh tries to propose to tree but fails to. Ragini sighs and grabs sanskars hand and makes him stand before her and turns to laksh says”imagine i am u and sanskr as swara” she gets on her knees proceeds a stick as flower “The day i saw u i lost my self. I see me in u as u are the one who completes me. I have a weird feeling about you but now realised it’s love. Do accept my love. I just wanna say I LOVE YOU”. Ragini feels a weird sensation as she confesses. Sanskar is shocked hearing. Laksh claps at ragini wow guruji i will say as you said. Ragini eyes sanskar. She turns to laksh we will meet at evening i have to leave it’s late. As she goes home she thinks of her confession. She reaches home and sees swara awake now she is tired she could just see that she has slept in her soft bed.
Next epi. Not decided.
Hey frnds can you give me an idea for writing the cause of business dispute as it’s the next epi and i am blank. Do post ur idea of the issue that can be easily solvable before my swaragini birthday.

Credit to: unknown

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  1. Very nice make such a ego problem or enemity between them, plz update next episode fast I just read only ur ff because I love swalak together plz update it fast

  2. your story is awesome i just love it………:-) n as for the upcoming track u can write something like accidental meetings n the best memories thy spent together or else try something like swaragini get kidnapped by some enemies of their father’s business but the blame goes on dp but then our hero’s sanskar n laksh solve it n then shekar realise his mistake n thy unite n the cctv footage try something like dp invests huge amount in some business/project without shekar’s approval as he thinks shekar would trust him bt shekar does not becoz it is a very huge amount n if the project is nt completed or fail thy both hav to face lotzz n lotzz of troubles even thy sell all their property thn also thy cant overcome their loss so the problem arises there…………..SORRY if the track so silly jus hav a hearty laugh bt please update faster i jus love your story plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………………..:-)

  3. Write about swaragini and sanlak meeting in ram’ s house and thinking about the prblm and have some arguments and they solve it by themselves and thoda romancee

  4. Baby u r rockstar….. wahhhhh superrr dr

  5. It was too gud dr

  6. First of all ..thanks for asking help for ideas.. Reveal something like this…sumi is actually from the maheshwari family..(.relate her sumhw wid dat family )..she ran away with shekar 20 years ago ! The whole maheshwari family is heartbroken bcaz of this incident and nevers wants to accept sumi her husband and her children !! They dont knw that it was shekar with whom sumi ran away ! Now dp gets to knw that shekar was actually the person sumhw (hw he gets to knw that and everything- u develop urself ) ! This affects their partnership.. Swaragini and sanlak r glad to knw dat dey r cousins ! They wish to unite their family…
    Sry if it is silly …i guess dadi nd dida r nt dere in this ff…. Nd there r no such bengali marwari nd maheshwari conflicts !! Thats y i thought of such a situation !!

    1. Noura thanx but if we make swaragini and sanlak cousin marriage in between in digestible. Well i like the point of view of urs

      1. Cousins who r related such that they can marry ….i mean dere r sum relations whom we can marry ryt !! I thought in that way !!…..if u dnt find it suitable …then dont go for it…i know that u can rite this ff in a better way !! All the best fr the next episode !! Waiting for it !!

  7. Ragini and sanskaar both think what happended in the park where Ragini showed laksh how to propose. Sanskaar keeps thinking about ragini confession. On the other hand shekher and DP watch the cctv and sort out differences. Laksh practice how to propose to swara.

  8. Guys sorry as next epi is going to be short

  9. Next epi is uploaded will be there soon

  10. Mr. unknown I have a idea .make it like Sumi , Shekar n Dp r collegemates . Sumi n shekar loved each other on the othet hand dp was best friend of sumi but somone wanted to break their friendship created misunderstandings like sumi loves dp but shekar is torchuring her or she wants to protect u from shekar so she is doing the drama of love…with shekhar.
    Ge falls for Sumi but on the day when he was about to propose her , sumi nd shekar r married. Dp thought sumi n shekhar betrayed him
    Rest u can make.
    Sorry if it is silly.

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