Swaragini New (Fan Fiction Chapter 8 Contd.)


Recap: we saw sanlak and rags meet and talk about laksh’s love. The trio come to apricot garden ragsan romance and ragini’s confession to sanskar anonymously.
Ragini wakes up her hair looks like a mess. She saw the time it’s 4pm “shit” she curses to herself they have to keet sanlak at 6pm and she didn’t even inform swara about their meeting. She washes her face with cold water she recollects the events in apricot garden. She continuous splashing water on her face until swara closes it. She turns ragini to her “rags you ok what happened” rags smile and says just playing” she slides to dressing table and brushes her messed up hair. Swara says u want to say something, ragini says yes “we need meet sanky and lucky at 6pm i will call siya-piya also at ram’s house”. Ragini calls them.
All eight (sanlak swaragini siya-piya omi and ram) meet at ram’s house at sharp six. Siya-piya are wearing shorts and a black shirt with their name one of their best shirt.
Ragini wears a black jean with a loose top and swara wears blue jean to pink tank top. The guys are on casuals.
They play the cctv recording
Shekar and dp are sitting on the long table on etc ther side. Shekar asks why didn’t u tell me that we are gonna do such a big project i mean u even compeleted without my knowledge. Dp see shekar i had invested in this as it is useful one even my secretary raghav had informed the profit in the business. Shekar from when we are doing business not telling to eachother. The talk goes to argument at last dp stands up furiously and leaves the cabin breaking the partnership and shekar also leaves angrily. Well in the not they two a third person was sitting next to dp. He smirks and is happy that shekar and dp’s partnership is over now time for their down fall. He leaves the cabin in few minutes.
All the eight have immersed into the video thinking who is the third person. Swara asks laksh does he know that stranger. Laksh nods and says he is the Raghav lekh father’s secretary new one. Swara says what does he get from our father’s down fall. Piya says may be he did it combined with someone. Ram says yes i too think so. Sanskar says ok but only u four pointing siya piya ram omi can search the data as if we do something raghav will get suspicious. Ragini asks omi what are u doing in the laptop. Omi looks up and sees all are looking at him he continue to type. Siya grabs the laptop just as clicks enter. Siya sees a long list about raghav lekh’s details she is shocked and hugs him and says brilliant u are and almost sits on his lap but she gets down to the bed where they are discussing just before the latter. She shows all and says all fine by next day.
All of them relax for sometime and leave to their respective house. While going laksh says swara i am sorry if u apologized me talk to me. Swara goes off without replying laksh is sad.
Next epi: laksh grabs swara and asks why u always tell just friends to me alone. Swara is shocked.
Like it girls. I am not feeling well for last two days to enlighten my mood i came to type. I better take some nap. Bye yawn.

Credit to: unknown

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  1. No ragsan scenes hmmmm….. ha ha just kidding

  2. Its gud dat in dis vilain is a new 1, i mean its nt swarag r sanlak:-)

  3. I didnt understood the next epi can some one explain

    1. U. Will see it next chapter

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