Swaragini New (Fan Fiction Chapter 7)


It’s a bright day swaragini come down all dressed up. They are wearing anarkali to be formal at first day of office. Shekar is seen already down reading newspaper sumi calls them for breakfast. Shekar sees them and says my two pretty daughters come join. All have bf and they leave with shekar to office.

Sanlak have also started with their dad to office. They had come here several times. It’s considerably tall building with complete greenery it’s partially glassed which forms a pattern on building. Sanlak enter the company their cabinet is shown which is close to dp’s cabinet. All the three cabinet are interlinked. Sanlak start going through files they find many file belong to SR company. They gather those files and leave to give it to them.
Swaragini have reached the company. Their cabinet is shown a table with all file, a pen stand, a comfy chair. A perfect office. Swara and ragini’s cabinets are either ends. A complete glass tower giving a complete view around the building. Their room bell beeps it’s shekar calling. Swaragini come to his room shekar smiles and asks whether they liked their cabinet. They nod their head giving a wider smile. He asks them to get some of their important files from SAL company. They obey and take a leave.
Swaragini come down and as they proceed to car they see sanlak. Swara calls out laksh and ragini, sanskar. Tgey meet eachother. Swaragini asks them what were they doing here. Sanlak tell about the file they had come to return. Swara ask whether they the owners son of SAL company ,a bit sarcastically. Laksh raises one of his ete brow and says really we are. Ragini “oopsy doopsy it’s our father’s who fought with each other”. Sanskar” you mean shekar is ur dad”. Ragini ” YEP he does is our dad” pointing swara and herself. Sanlak give the files to them and say them all the best and try to leave.
Just as they walked few steps swara calls out sanskar and laksh. She comes to them and says i have a plan why don’t we meet at cafe coffee day. She eyes them excited sanlak look at each other and oblige. Swara hugs laksh sanskar coughs wantedly she backs off and says sorry. She turns and says ccd at 6pm evening. She comes to ragini who just two steps behind her. Swara notices her smiling teasingly. Ragini jokes something i missing today signing swara. Swara hits ragini with file and both go.
Ragini gives the files to shekar he says u came so soon. Ragini tells sanskar and laksh came to give the files before they leave. He says read these files and see hiw we overcome this loss. They leave and settle in their own cabinet and continue to read the file.

To be continued …..
Sorry guys for late update. My net charge got exhausted yesterday before i could update. And next epi would also take time as i have exams now but will try my best.

Credit to: unknown

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