Swaragini New (Fan Fiction Chapter 7 Contd.)

It’s evening swaragini are waiting for sanlak who haven’t turned up till now. It’s half an hour no sign of them. Swaragini fume and are about to leave just then sanlak arrive. They come to them an apologize but the girls don’t budge at last they relent thinking to recovet the loss. Swara whispers something to ragini it makes ragini smile. Sanlak see the girls in confused way. Swara tells nothing, the waiter takes their order swara takes a brownie and ragini takes icecream and both guys go for cappuccino. Ragini takes some paper from her bag and shows it to them that “3/4 of their father’s business is interlinked and if the bond breaks many of the other company will also go” swara continous” for solving the dispute we must know the reason and i have planned see it through the cctv camera installed in common cabinet hall of our company where the issue started. So who will accompany me”. She stares on all three she interrupts before ragini could volunteer “not u rags then if mama or papa we both are missing that great mess.” ragini gets her point and backs off. Swara sees their order coming and signs ragini. Ragini immediately takes a glass of water as she takes a sip she acts as though she chocked and slips the water on sanlak. Both of them get up from their seat as ragini comes to normal she apologize. Sanlak go to lavatory to clean their coat. The waiter places their order and leaves. Swara takes the salt container and adds it in the cappuccino. Sanskar and laksh take their places which is opposite to ragini and swara respectively. They see swaragini’s dish is untouched laksh asks didn’t they start the dish. Ragini replies that they wait for others and start together. Sanskar and laksh stir their cappuccino that around half bottle salt each. Swra stuffs her mouth with a huge piece of brownie to control her laugh. Ragini bends her head and concentrates on the ice cream. Sanskar asks don’t they talk when they eat. Ragini sees him and replies i don’t but swara does. Sanskar sees swara’s mouth full. Sanlak take a big sip seeing the girls. The sip that emptied 1/4 of the cup. Sanlak eyes get wide open as such puking coffee goes down the throat. Their face turns to unseen colors blue green god what not. Swara swallows the brownie in her mouth and starts laughing with ragini they have hearty laugh seeing sanlak. Sanskar grabs ragini’s ice cream and laksh snatches the remaining brownie of swara and have it as fast as they could to digest horrible taste. Ragini tells in broken words due to laughter that this was their punishment to be late. At last they again something and leave to their respective home.
Swargini’s house:
Swargini come home they are tired and exhausted. They leave to their room. They freshen up getting rid of the heavy anarkali. Swara wears a shorts and random short sleeved banian shirt while ragini is on pajamas. They lie on bed don’t know when they went deep sleep. A beep rings on swara’s mobile she wakes in drizzy state she picks the call a male voice comes from other side. “Hey rapunzel drop your hair and come down will get to know reason of dispute” said the male voice. “Laksh” said swara she hurries to balcony and sees laksh leaning on his car and waving his hand. She waves back and signs she will be down. She runs inside and grabs a track pant and shoes she later drops a rope and escapes from her room.
Sanskar comes out of his room and sees laksh’s room empty. He calls laksh but comes not reachable. He gets to thinking where will he be so late. He remembers swara asking who would accompany her. He tries her number even her number is not reachable. He calls ragini three rings go then the phone is attended a voice sleepy and annoyed comes. Sanskar says “ragini is swara there”. A slow rustle sound is heard and a panicked sigh comes on phone”sanky swara not there”. Sanskar sighs and says “thought so don’t worry ragini they have gone to find some clues for the dispute”. Ragini says “ok!!…hang on” as a knock follows.Sanskar hear it’s dadi’s voice and some talk goes on. Ragini comes back to call and tells sanskar a problem swara has to be home within two hours. Sanskar “what? For what” ragini replies” a morning puja for me and swara and time is now 1am we have to take bath and go down at 4am. Sanskar if they call us in between we will busted”. Sanskar says wait i will come there and we can call swara laksh soon. He cuts the call and grabs the bike key as laksh has taken the car. He leaves to garodia nivas.
Ragini ties her hair and sees the rope that falls from the balcony to ground. She tries to get down the rope. She slips and falls as she is few feet high than ground. She rests in a comfortable arm she opens her eyes and sees sanskar. A eyelock follow he drops her down and grabs her arm and takes to the bike. He sits and ragini sits behind and grabs him tight around the waist she asks what are waiting for go. The bike zooms to dark….
Next epi: thoda romance
Like it i loved it when i wrote it. Waiting for ur comments.

Credit to: unknown

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