Swaragini New (Fan Fiction Chapter 6)

The girls come home happy. They see sumi sitting in sofa. They go to her and ask why was awake so late if you had been waiting for already informed we will be late and if anything we will call you. It’s not you it’s your dad who is very late i called him he cut the phone later he swiched it off. Just then shekar enters and he comes to sumi and yells can’t you stop calling if cut the phone once. He sits in sofa catching head later pulling his hair. Sumi gently asks him any problem. He looks up he is almost teary. Swaragini take his side and hold his biceps on both sides. He says there is a huge business loss. He jerks the support of swaragini hurries to his room and shuts the door. Sumi asks swaragini to relax he will calm in sometime i am there with him you guys go. Swaragini leave to their room.
At same time there is a bang of door in sanlak house. It’s Durga prasad who is upset or angry. He hears laksh’s voice saying what loss that has made papa so distressed.

Dp and shekar go to flashback
Shekar and durga prasad meet at a common cabin. Everything goes good all of a sudden a heated argument starts. Dp starts moving out. As he opens the door he tells partnership over shekar says the same. Both leave in different directions.
Fb ends. Both sigh and take some rest.
Swaragini in room is worried. Swara breaks the silence in room and says why don’t we join papa and support him in business. Ragini stares at her do you really think it will work. After sometime they finalize to join their dad’s business. Ragini completes and says our dreams can wait for a month. They go to shekar and sit beside him and swara says papa we decided to fill up the loss and support u. Shekar gives a weak smile and hugs them. Shekar tells the loss is our main partner has broke up the bond i just fear others also will leave. Swaragini join hands tell don’t worry ur daughter is there.
Dp calls sanlak to room and say tomorrow you both will come to company with me. Sanlak smile and say we were gonna say the same thing. Dp ask them to rest.

Sanlak and swaragini think the day their dreams start the day it ends. Swara calls laksh and ragini calls sanskar they(swaragini) say that they can’t come to academy due to some problem and sorry but we will in contact and meet when time permits. Sanlk respond it’s ok we also won’t going to academy as we also have some issue. Ok bye and all four cut the call. Swaragini inform also siya piya. Swaragini are sad of the fate that stopped the dream. Sanlak meet eachother and laksh says sanky bhai i think we must end our problem that started with bike racing. Sanskar says lucky we must help bade papa in business we must join. They hug eachother. Laksh whispers in his ears just till the problem is over sanky. Sankar moves back and smirks.

Next epi: sanlak meet swaragini in SR company
My updates will be short because of my hectic schedule. So pls enjoy with short epi.

Credit to: unknown

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