Swaragini New (Fan Fiction Chapter 5)


Swaragini come home past 3pm as some good shopping went with siya-piya. They had bought new dresses and other accessories. As swara throw her bag down tired after the day a envelope falls out of it. She grabs it and remembers it to be given every single student for sanlak musical inauguration party which was the next day. They had did shopping based on the party but are gonna ask permission. Swara points the card to ragini who has seeped in to the sofa in room. It’s a soft one that u will be immersed in it. Ragini opens one eye and sees it. she jerks up and sits straight like vampire without blinking her eyes her body went chill. She thought about her father’s reaction who had never allowed them even for birthday party up till today. Swara shakes her and ragini looks up finally she says let’s try during dinner. The girls go freshening after a tiring day. They come down at dinner time. Shekar welcome them and enquire about the day. They cheer up their mood and take their place. Ragini takes envelope she hid under the dupatta and gives to shekar. He reads it and gives it back. The girls wait for his reply. He looks them eager for answer he tells blankly a word “YES”. This word made swaragini jump from the chair and hug him. He says u are big enough to attend parties so enjoy it’s all for a year only. He stressed the last two words which made girls to come back from excitement. The girls complete the dinner and rush to room and call siya-piya. They share their excitement with eachother. The girls talk till late night.

The sun wake disturbs the sleeping girls they get up and giggle. After sometime girls all ready leave for academy. They leave to attend the classes. Swaragini feel something missing today. Swara reaches the classes and takes the place she still feels uncomfortable but doesn’t realise the reason. The instrument class starts first. She starts playing the note given to her. She plays well but suddenly an odd twang guitar comes it’s a wrong string struck. She started all over again still something disturbed her. She tried for sometime then she got vexed and started playing her own tune. As she finished there was huge applaud around she didn’t know what she played. A cute blush comes on her cheeks with a smile.

Meanwhile ragini in her class sincerely listening turns to see siya calling her she asks what is he saying ? Ragini tells lowly to check book pg… “ragini” a stern voice. She stands up it’s sanskar he asks her to be silent and listen to class. She blinks shocked she rubs her eyes and looks up it’s her music master only. Ragini ponders “why was i thinking that patu suddenly”. She chokes by her saliva itself “who is thinking of me at this time “the thought goes through her mind.

Meanwhile in some place a person saying “ragini”. Now that’s our sans. He turns to see all decoration for the party. Laksh calls him to see other things too. The hall beautifully decorated with night purple and white cloth hanging around the wall like curtain. Of same colour concentrated at point and to each end forming 10 ribbons. In center the decorative lamp hangs a big and pretty one of glasses. And the cloth decoration hid thr colour lights. At face of wall “Sanlak musical academy banner struck”. Closer to it was Dj table and other side the drinks and food rest of other eatables. It looked pretty. Sanskar tells to himself “i will today meet only meet you in the party so that i could see you the gorgeous of life.
Laksh talks to the contracter asking there should not be a speck of mistake. While walking across red carpet he sees a nail and picks it up and thinks”what if it would have picked swara”. He calls the contractor to halffill the room with white and red balloons. They leave to get ready.
The girls have reached home start their makeover for party

Next epi: swalak and ragsan romantic dance on kamoshiyan and tu mera hamdard hai respectively.
Sorry i am toooooooooo late

Credit to: unknown

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