Swaragini New (Fan Fiction Chapter 5 Contd.)


Swaragini are ready. They look same to same what their dress colour but pattern is same. They are in full gown with glass stone as belt. Frills cover the upper part. It’s sleeveless gown swara is wearing dark blue and ragini is dark pink. Both wearing a platinum chain with diamond dollar which is in shape of rain drop with random design. Even their earing is of same design as dollar. They over less makeup some kajal,lip gloss, eyeliner and bit pink makeover. Swara has turned hair to bun and ragini let down her hair with full curl. They look gorgeous. Ragini feels a bit odd so she took a pink glittery coat that falls just till the breat and it half sleeve that cover some of her shoulder well it suits her. The girls come down her mom is shocked to see them she says they look tooo pretty. They leave in their BMW.
Laksh and sanskar are also ready in a baby pink and boue suit respectively. They also start from house.
In the party hall
. Sanlak have reached first as it’s near to their house. Already many have come to party. Laksh talks to the pupils while searching swara. Sanskar on other side searches ragini he sees siya-piya and asks them about ragini. He acts too cool so that they don’t realise he is searching her. Siya replies they didn’t come, piya asks any problem. He nods and tell just for asking what she did in class today and leaves before something else comes out. Siya-piya tells chorus aaj gayi swaragini( swaragini are dead today) because just few minutes before laksh enquired about swara.
Swaragini enter the hall and see the decoration. Sanskar and laksh see them are mesmerized. Swaragini go towards siya-piya. They say about sanskar and laksh enquiring about them. Swara says i will meet them later and she thinks i never want to see him. Ragini smiles and thinks what that patu needs now. While a mike sound comes “dub dub” sanskar tapping the mike for everyone attention. “Hi everyone i hope all are enjoying the party. This party is mainly for announcing that here severe training would follow. After 6months 10 from each group will be selected and would travel with us to mumbai for the perfect training. All of enjoy the party relax try not spoil your throat. All the best” saying so he gives the mike to laksh”As sanskar told be prepared for the change in your. At times the later practice will go till late night. Enjoy all and thoda dance be karo(do some dance)”.

The party goes on soorj dooba hai plays some are dancing some gossiping. Ragini tells swara that she would be back soon swara stands alone seeing siya piya dance. Laksh comes to her and asks won’t she dance. She replies i don’t want to. She tries to move as his looks are too dangerous for her. Laksh holds her hand and swirls her to his arm just then kamoshiyan starts. Swara is stuck in his eye trap starts responding to his moves. Ragini meanwhile who had gone to take a juice is dragged to corner. She turn to see who it is. It’s sanskar he immediately holds his ears and apologizes for dragging her all of a sudden. He says “i am sorry for what happend in first day. Soooo can we be friends” ragini in a confused reaction smiles seeing his cute action. She spreads her hand for handshake he budges and jokes not to crush his hand like before saying so they shake their hands. Still there spark of love in ragini’s eye which she will realise soon. He asks for a dance she nods. Just as they come in swalak dance gets over swara immediately moves from room followed by laksh. Ragini comes in holding sanskar in friendly gesture. The carpet tripples her and she falls just into sanskar’s arm. Their eyes meet “tu mera hamdard hai “song plays in background they dance romantically still their eyes locked ragini is not in her control.
Swara comes out and laksh keeps his hand on her shoulder. She backs off asking him to stay away from her. She recollects the dream and fears what if it comes true. She can’t love anyone. Laksh again asks is she ok and continous saying sorry for dance if it is what made her uncomfortable. He asks can we be friends. She looks him shocked and thinks for some seconds and gives her hand for handshake “JUST FRIENDS ” laksh responds. He thinks why do girls stress just friends.
They come in ragsan dance gets over. Ragini sees swalk together and turns to sanskar that she will meet him with her sister. They come to swara and does introduction. Sanskar sees laksh and says lucky you are swara’s friend. Ragini interrupts and drags them to dance floor. Swara asks siya piya to join just then omi and ram(another bestie of sanlak) come and congratulate sanlak for their academy. They meet siyapiya and swaragini all mingle. ABCD song from yariyaan movie plays and all dance happily.
Next epi: dp and shekar business partner clash
Like the casual gesture of sanlak. Ragini’s fun loving nature. Swara’s bit serious but is also fun loving. Ram and omi are going to be paired with piya and siya respectively. How friendship turn to love? Read on
Sorry for mistakes.

Credit to: unknown

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  1. Its very nice ?. Keep writing
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  2. I loved this. Every little detail was perfect. This was awesome and it made me so excited. Thank you Ms unknown ur the best. ??. I really want to see ragsan in the show as well. Please continue writing. Can’t wait for the next update.

  3. Nice epi Pls continue in daily basis

  4. Hav u thought abt the watpad idea ?? Trust me its going to b awesome !!
    Nice episode btw !!

    1. Ya noura i am in whatpad. But i don’t think i will be having time to upload in it. It is a good idea but i have problem of school studies exam so not now

  5. Unknown u r amazing yaar..:-*ur ff ws superb yaar….its too good yaar… in real shw we cant see no more swalak scenes… only ur ff dat we feel swalak..,really miss swalak….pls add some small fight btw dem …nd yaar unkwn update ur nxt part soon…lvd it yaar it ws fan

  6. Business clash why????

    1. Business clash that will be for sometime cos sanlak and swaragini will go hand in hand to solve the problem between their father

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