Swaragini New (Fan Fiction Chapter 4)


The sun rises all fresh with each goal. Swaragini wake because of their that tirelessly ringing near their ears. They are yet in dizzy spell of sleep. The somehow get up and start to get ready for academy. They get a call from siya asking them to join shopping after the academy. They accept the offer. Swaragini get ready swara is wearing a jean and white shirt it’s like stitched just for her she ties her to a high pony and grabs her sets it’s tune. Ragini is wearing a yellow kurthi and blue legins she lets her hair free she wonders how to take her sitar well in rules paper it’s clearly mentioned to bring their own instrument how is she gonna carry it? Thought struck her mind. A deep voice from called the girls it was shekar. He asked the girls to close their eye they do so he stretches their hand and keeps something on it. The girls open their eyes and let out a scream well it’s brand new BMW. They look at shekar shocked he smiles and tells that he ordered it before for their first day job but now it’s for your first of academy go try. Swaragini run outside and sees the car it’s bright blue sparkling car with pink design on either side swara takes the driver place grabs on the wheels with ragini they vroom outside to some distance from there ragini takes the car to home. They get down the car and inside the house giving big hug to their dad. They see the time is 7:30 and they should be ready in next half an hour. They sit for breakfast they eat it fast sumi asks them to slow down or it will choke for you. They smile and complete the breakfast they set their bag and swara takes her guitar. Ragini plans to buy a new sitar and leave it in academy permanent. They leave to academy in BMW.
Sanlak house:
Sanskar is seen exercising all sweating he stands up and wipes his face and looks at time it’s 5:30. He doesn’t want to meet laksh so he got early in gym today.He goes to his room to get ready. He refreshing and a long shower. Just after sanskar left laksh occupies it and starts the workout. Down we can see all the ladies getting the dishes ready. Meanwhile laksh completes the exercise and goes to freshen up. Sanskar all ready in his formal suit comes down with some files. He talkz with dp about the infrastructure development in academy. Dp listens to his ideas and says let’s wait till laksh comes. Soon laksh comes down with his tab. Dp looks at laksh and we were waiting for you sanskar has some opinions about infrastructure” sanskar u explain it again to laksh”. Sanskar is about to start laksh intervenes says even i have some ideas and shows the pics in his tab. Dp listens and says “i liked both your ideas u will decide and tell which one now let’s proceed to dining hall”. Laksh smirks and sanskar eyes have flames in it. All have breakfast and sanlak leave. They take different car.

Next epi: swara tries to not meet laksh. Sanskar see ragini and smile.
Like it. Next epi i will try it longer.

Credit to: unknown

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  1. y sanlak is angry between them pls no angry between the brothers

  2. Hi unknown….. nice one yaar…. i like san and rag nice pair….

  3. Unknown this is very short plz can u write long updates I’m a really big fan of ur swaragini fan fiction. Plz continue. Can’t wait 4 the next up. Love the pre cap

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