Swaragini New (Fan Fiction Chapter 4 Contd.)


Swaragini and sanlak reach the academy at same time but don’t spot eachother. Swaragini come in and see siya-piya all the girls mingle. They find their classes. It’s on either end of corridor. Swara has to pass across laksh office well next to it is sanskar’s which she didn’t care a penny of it. She sees sanskar standing she fears that laksh might be somewhere around. She doesn’t want her dreams to come true. She thinks for the first meet itself she got such dream then… She grabs piya’s hand and goes fast she again hits a wall. Crap, it’s laksh she starts saying sorry he stops her and says “you better record it in ur mobile when u hit me it will come to use”. He leaves without any expression. She wonders what’s wrong with him and enters the class.
Sanskar sees swara walking towards the class he thinks it means ragini has come. He goes towards ragini’s corridor he searches her all the way. He finally spots her in the class talking to siya. He admires her from safe distance and smiles. He leaves to his room he thinks how to talk to ragini. He thinks he can become her friend and understand eachother. He still has some doubt in his mind about whether he has feeling for her. He gets a call to reach his class with the teachers and introduce them to students. He comes out and finds teachers waiting for him. He takes them to class of classical students it’s ragini’s class too. He enters and sees ragini sitting casually with her sitar next to her. She is sitting straight to him the class is arranged in different manner a bed or cushion in center and and single benches arranged with the wall. Every student will be noticed in it. There were 5masters who will training them Mr. Ramchandra music master teaching them and making their base stronger, Mr. Ishwar voice setter, and other three are instrumental masters. All the masters were introduced by sanskar. He had been eyeing ragini most of the time. Her nodding head to each instruction keen listening frown on her face, the lips maintaining the smile in all this made her look too cute for him. He leaves the unwillingly but tries to that feeling to maximum extend. The class starts for them the academy is for three hours with one hour each.
Laksh POV:
. Laksh reaches the corridor and sees swara trying to sneak past his office without being noticed to him. He smiles seeing her funny move and moves swiftly that it’s like he comes from opposite direction. He thinks “swara you can’t miss my eyes”. He stands in front of so that she could see him. When he comes front he sees her tensed face trying to escape from someone he sees her crushing piya’s hand tensed. He thinks why is she so worried doesn’t suit her face. Just then swara hits him and she apologies. He smiles and thinks to give such an answer that she never forget. He taunts her and leaves seeing her fuming. He reaches to his room and bursts into laughter. He controls it and leaves to introduce the masters to western musical class he finds only three instrumental masters standing he asks where are other two. He gets angry as he comes to know sanskr has taken them he goes to the class and sees the master about start his class. Laksh excuses and takes the masters with him he goes to swara’s class and introduces them in rough manner but soon he sees swara’s which seems quite annoyed with it changes his way and explains and leaves. Laksh comes to room and thinks to become her friend on other end swara thinks to forget the dream and become his friend.

Next epi: sanlak proceeding hand for friendship to swaragini.
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Credit to: unknown

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