Swaragini New (Fan Fiction Chapter 3)


Swaragini and piya-siya leave in their own direction as the next day they will have to assemble at academy before 9a.m. While on swaragini get worried about how they are going tell papa and all. They see gadodia nivas just 100m away. They reach home park two-wheeler and walk on footpath. Swara says ” Let us first refresh then tell papa”. They enter the house sneaking. They can’t meet shekar’s eyes because they can never tell a big till now they hid the truth. Shekar sees them and calls out them. Both the girls freeze they see eachother and go dowm towards shekar. They see him working something on mobile he comes towards them and shows a message
“your daughter …………. Has been on leave” the girls shiver reading it they never knew that her father will recieve such messages. Shekar intervenes their thought and ask where were u should i answer or will you. His anger rose to peak of bursting the girls never saw their father so. Swara starts “we went to SAL music academy ” ragini “we our interested in singing it just a year course after which we will join ur company”. Shekar asks why didn’t they tell before. Shekar continuous now i hwve taken decision in two days u both will be writing ur business papers and next ur results will be declared next u are in my office. Swaragini are shocked they plead for a chance” they can’t loose the chance we can’t become looser like u “. They curse themselves for saying it. Shekar turns and looks at them ” so u want a chance ok!next one month u have to prove in front of the world”. He leaves, swaragini are in confused reaction.
It’s night swaragini have refreshed swaragini are in black 3/4 pant with blue and yellow night top respectively. They get on bed and reminisces all the events that happened the whole day for them. They recollect their father’s words and doses to sleep.
Swara wakes up suddenly it’s somewhat midnight she had a dream about her and laksh. The dream swara and laksh are in deep love. In academy laksh drags swara to his cabin and pins her in wall. She sees his brown eyes which eyes her lips. She pushes him and runs but laksh holds her wrist and twirls to his arm. He sees the speaker remote next to him he switches on the speaker “tum hi ho” play they dance romantically laksh comes close yo her she opens her all of a sudden. She didn’t eyes in dream but reality also. She shakes her head vigorously to forget it she switches on television “Hotel Transylvania” movie is playing where Dracula asks his daughter whether their eyes sparkled whose eyes sparkle they are meant for eachother. Swara recollects laksh’s eyes. She hits her head for thinking nonsense. And again lying on her bed thinks of laksh and goes to sleep.

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