Swaragini New (Fan Fiction Chapter 3 Contd.)


Shekar reaches his room around midnight. He had been crying all while thinking about his daughters words. Hr goes across in flashback where he is standing distraught in middle of road after he lost everything. He flashback is disturbed by sumi’s call. She gets worried seeing his soggy eyes. She asks what happend and why was he late. He says nothing some work. He goes towards swaragini’s room see them sleeping and promises to himself that at any circumstances he won’t leave them alone like his dad who left him alone in nowhere. He goes to room lies on the bed after few minutes he goes to sleep.
Time reverse back to 6:30 evening at sanlak house.
. Sanskar and laksh have reached home. They dp sitting in sofa going through files. They come to him and say day went and we are set to run this academy. DP looks up and says good that you adjusted to eachother and work, he asks them to freshen up and come. Sanlak proceed to their room just before entering they see eachother and smirk and says good act bro. They enter their room and some time passes they come down refreshed it’s 7:30. Laksh and sanskar are on their night suit. They come and find no one they occuy the sofa at each end and go through their mobile. Tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock dishum….. Where is this sudden fight sound coming from? It’s sanlak on their hand fight some argument went between them that caused fight. ( i didn’t notice what argument cos i was tick tocking). All the family member come and see their fight. They seperate them and DP asks everyone to end this and assemble for dinner it 8:30 now. Sanlak face still with anger burning in their eyes. The dinner goes silent and everyone go to their room. Laksh goes to room takes some file to get into different mood he spots swara’s name in it which instantly makes a smile go across his lips. He thinks of swara her expression. He says that u will be mine soon.
Sanskar on otherside thinks ragini and says i don’t this feeling for it’s new for me. They there’s is a spark in love at first if i felt it’s true i won’t let u go from me. From tmrw it’s new day for me
Sorry all for short part i don’t enough time now but at weekend i will update long ones. Sorry for errors.

Credit to: unknown

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  1. Nice cntinue i am loving ur story

  2. Thank u loved it. It was nice. No problem will be eagerly waiting for weekend updates.

    1. U r fan fiction is the best. The rest r on swasan but urz is swalak and ragsan

  3. Stop with these fan fictions gosh! I just want to read the original one which I can’t find easily due to the fan fictions! Just keep it like it was before!! ? and get a life

    Msg from Team: Click on “Written Updates Only” link on Swaragini page.

  4. Than every fan fiction story I like yours pls continue

  5. Its awesome.plz continue and publish soon…really soon…eager to know further…

  6. Eagerly waiting for ur next update…. 🙂

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