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I know it’s more than 1month. But my exams are making me all busy. Sorry for long delay.
Recap:uttara was kidnapped. Sanlak go to save her but are also caught.

Swara’s POV
I hear adarsh bhai scream on phone to caller. As call ends he slammed the phone. He brought car to a halt. I couldn’t hide my urge to ask what happened. There was a silent tension scaring everyone. I turned look at ragini who is beside me she also looks me with worried expression.
Adarsh bhai after calming down he turned to us. His brows furrowed saying it’s not a good news “swara ragini they have caught sanskar and laksh”. Hearing it i felt earth below me collapse. My eyes grew misty. The only thing in my mind was “save ur lucky”. I saw ragini who was also crying. We put a determined smile and asked adarsh bhai go forward.

After sometime we spotted uttara’s bike that sanlak took for chase. We halted the car and towards the bike. We saw several foot prints on the muddy area. A person few distant away saw us. He smirked at us and came towards us. He had hand gun that was tucked slightly to his pant.
As he came to us he opened his mouth to call his frnds. I took that as chance and snatched the hand gun. I pointed it towards him. Wait i have read in books that we have remove safety before we shoot but how do we do that. The man realised my confusion and smiled. He started walking close to me. Suddenly an idea popped up from nowhere. I gave a smirk that made him frown. I turned gun and holding the mouth i gave a sharp blow by hitting the gun on his head. He immediately collapsed down. I knocked out him!i-knocked -him-out!YES.
I felt doing victory dance but it’s not place and time to do. I turned back and saw ragini shocked which turned to smile.

Ragini’s POV
I just saw my sister knocking out a person. Swara turned towards she gave us a smile which soon turned into a scowl. She pointed the gun towards me no she pointed it to something behind me. I turned and saw a man pointing gun towards me. He was close enough. Did i say you guys that we (swaragini) know karate. I gave clean kick to his elbow making the gun fly out of his hand to me. I gave a sharp punch on his nose and knocked him out. I heard a clap sound from side. It was from pari bhabhi i mean pari she asked us not to call bhabhi.she smiled at us “wow my SILs know self defense”. I and swara gave a smile. We walked exactly ran deep into the forest to godown. We peeked in and saw sanlak and uttara tied to different poles. Sanskar was hurt i wanted to break the nose of who punched my sanky. Well i act sweet outside but i am more of kickass type girl which only my lovely sis knows.

While running i saw how to remove the safety of a gun and we did so. Now we are armed with a gun of each 6bullets. Just then i saw pari and adarsh take a gun oh well they own one. Being rich invites enemy so they own a licenced gun. So we have totally 24 bullets. I think it’s not enough but better than before. We thought of gaining some more weapons from the rounding guards. I and swara knocked some from hideous. If we go front of them then there will be waste of time. So picked pocket some guns and knocked some to get some. They great guards who are so weak that don’t realise anything around.
Inside the dome there were16 men. So we planned and took different position and started the gun shot. I hit a man on the shoulder and killed him with next. I few minutes there dead bodies around. Ok i can think u can’t believe me but we were also hit on our shoulder and thigh and it’s paining as hell. We ran or walked or limped towards sanlak and uttara. And released them. I couldn’t hold more i had black spots on my vision and next was sanskar holding me amd lifting me.
Sanskar’s POV

I and laksh were caught. We struggled to be freed but in turn we were ruthlessly beaten up. They handcuffed us to pole. We gave as we knew nothing could be gained. After sometime i heard sound of bullet and opened my eyes and saw swarag and parish shooting the men. I shook my vigorously to believe in what i am watching.
Ragini was shot in her thigh. She fell on her knees. Swara who went to help her was shot in her stomach. Laksh screamed seeing swara fainting he baited against those metal clutches which didn’t break any way. Even i wanted to be my wife side but couldn’t help. I was helpless. When lips tasted salty i realised i was crying.

Soon everything ended. Ragini limped towards me. She broke the clutch with bullet shot. Similarly laksh and uttara were freed. Laksh ran to swara who was unconscious between the dead corpses.
I held ragini’s hand. She clutched my shirt as support. Soon she fainted. I held her tightly saying her name. Me and laksh grabbed are love. And ran to car. Uttara took her bike and went towards home. She was still mad at us. We were in condition to convince.
Parish and we reached hospital. Ragini and swara were taken to emergency ward. Our cuts were first aided. A doctor came from ragini’s ward.
Doctor:monsieur vous??(sir you)
Me:je m’appelle sanskar maheshswari. Vous parlez anglais.(i am sanskar)
Doctor:sorry. I am Dr.Jonathan. Is she ur wife?

I noded my head worried.
Jonathan: nothing to worry just of pain she will be up soon.
Laksh came from behind and enquired about swara. John asked him to wait.
The tension in air didn’t reduce. I went to see ragini who had gained her conscious a while ago. She saw me. She was changed to hospital dress. Her thigh was bandaged. She tried to sit but slight movement in her thigh which made her flinch. I helped hed to sit. Tears rolled down her. I quickly hugged her against my chest. We were again together. This 24hours was miserable. We stayed like that for sometime. Kissing her hair i moved back. The nurse came in asking me to leave.
I went out there was no news of swara.
What happened to her is she fine. I composed my brother i can know his feelings i would be the same way if something happened to MY RAGINI……

Tada i am back with new style of writing. The story is going to end to end two more episodes then over. Sorry couldn’t keep my words.
Every action has equal and opposite reaction.
With all these blo*dy action in story i want a sweet reactions through comments.
Are curious of swara.

Next epi will have laksh’s POV.

Hey. Guys think of bad blood song of Taylor swift suits the story.

Credit to: unknown

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