Swaragini New (Fan Fiction Chapter 27)

I am typing this after a 10 days gap. And sorry for being late. There was huge confusion about my ff previously. Well mine is still a SWALAK AND RAGSAN ff. It’s that i am currently revolving around uttara kidnap i thought swasan fans will enjoy it. I will be caring one night till 30th chap. Pls don’t be frustrated. Here goes
Recap:uttara kidnapped. Swaragini meet parish. Sanlak follow the goons.

Uttara is crying continuously not because she is kidnapped but thinking of sanlak. Uttara thinks “i wish to hug my brothers and tell how my life is turned upside down. I have become weak and not the girl who plays around and chatters continuously. Bhai i am happy to see you. But-t whenever i see you i remember only those helpless eyes seeing me off and those hands that would stop me and support to achieve my goals. I wanted to hear that my sister will study there and we will help but why, why didn’t do anything?” she cries. She wipes her with her handcuffed hands and thinks she must bd strong.

On other side parish and swarag leave the home in car. Adarsh asks them to call sanlak and ask the location. Swara we needn’t ask and asks for his mobile. With GPS tracker that’s common in mobile she maps out their location.

Sanlak are standing in front of the bike placed at a distance from godown. They see a person from there coming out they’re tensed. Sanskar tells something to laksh and nods with a smile. As man reaches he sees sanlak. They facing other side. The man taps on sanskars shoulder. Sanskar turns around and he has a phone in their hand. He cuts the call and asks the man about. The man says “YYY lane” and enquires their presences here. Laksh “we were going to our friends party and our bike petrol is over so called to him say that we wouldn’t come and asked our brother to pick us up”. The man is convinced he warns them to clear this place ASAP.

The man turns to leave. Sanlak sigh thinking their escape. But their good luck was not for long the man turned and recognised the bike and understood they followed them here.
Sanlak are caught. They protest hard to escape they are no hero that with a swing to make both trained fighters lay down. Uttara look at them and smiles she weakly calls “bhaia”. They are tied together.

Swaragini and parish recieve a call from private no. they attend the call. A voice boomed with laughter fills the car. The caller says you never told u have two brothers. They are in my caputre and amount is tripled. The caller ends the call.
All are tensed.

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