Swaragini New (Fan Fiction Chapter 26) (Swasan and Swalak)


As in title this update can be read by both swasan and swalak fans as it has adventure. For all adventure lovers here it goes.
Time is frozen…
Sanlak stand up from their seats and go towards uttara but she backs up. Swarag keep the cash and turn to them. Uttara sees swarag and run from there in disgust. She runs towards her bike. Sanlak and swarag are following. It’s snowing outside. As she is about to reach her bike a van comes near and takes her inside. Uttara screams for help. She drops her purse near the bike. Sanlak are shocked to see their sister kidnapped and they couldn’t do anything.
Sanskar takes the bike key from uttara’s purse and starts it. Laksh zips his jacket to his nose and sits behind them. Sanskar ask swarag to go to parish mansion. Sanlak follow the van. Swarag tighten up their knee length jacket. They hire a cab to the place.

Sanlak give heated up chase to the van. They try to sneak and drive without loosing them. It’s tough to drive but sanskar is best in it (even his entry was in bike racing).

Swarag have reached the mansion. They are stopped by the guards. They are tensed what to do. Ragini remembers the selfie they took at park the morning. They introduce them as uttara’s friends and enter. The gate leads them to door. They see neatly shoveled path and cars opposite. The main door is opened by a young lady of their age in a maid frock and stocking. They enter in inside. It’s warm inside. They find parish playing with shreya. They run to them. Pari sees their tensed face. Swarag tell their true identity and the entire story…

The van halts near a godown. Sanlak park the bike at safe distance and sneak to building side. A huge man carries unconscious uttara on his shoulder and puts her in the couch and handcuffs to the poll nearby. He stands next to person who is smoking looks like he is boss. The boss signs something to another men and he calls someone the rings goes on.

Just as swaragini Finished the story the telephone rang. Pari gave sleeping shreya to the maid addressing her kale. Adarsh attends the call. A stern voice telling his sister is kidnapped and they want 50lakh euro. And tells time limit is till next day evening that’ s 20hours. The line cuts. Adarsh is panicked.

Sanlak understand that they were talking to adarsh. The men on phone show thumbs up. The boss laughs. Uttara wakes meanwhile. She turns around sensing the situation converting it to panick. She pulls the handcuffs trying to free. The men around laugh. Some eye her leering. Laksh who is seeing it tries to go inside to knock them out but holds him.
Sanskar:we are not heroes who can fight. Use ur sense we have find some way out.

Laksh nods thinking.
Sanskar calls ragini. She takes up the call. He tells something which is muted.
The screen freezes with sanlak thinking face,parish worried face,swarag confused, Nd uttara’s panicked and teary face.

Do you guys like the current twist. I think both swalak and swasan fans will enjoy it as it’s mainly showing swarag and sanlak. Swasan who read this part suddenly tell me if u are confused i would clarify them. Enjoy the track. Sorry for the errors. Do tell if anything is missing. There will be no romance for some episodes. Gud night it’s 10:37pm as i compeleted the story.

Credit to: unknown

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  1. this is normally a swalak ans ragsan ff .. so y have u named in brackets (swasan and swalak)

  2. Ok I’m confused cuz this ff is supposed to be about ragsan and swalak not swasan. I HATE swasan

  3. I love swasan…….make swasàñ pair

  4. Actually it’s NOT swasan fanfic. It’s swalak but as this epi is focusing on kidnapping of uttara and how and sanlak and swarag save uttara from the goons. Well i had typed the title as both swasan and swalal fans can read but i think it was lengthy and they cut shoted it confusing u. It’s a swalak fanfic NOT swasan. It has adventure

  5. Hy niku….well i got what u r trying to say…well i THINK i got it

  6. luv dis yaar keep going 🙂

  7. nice… kidnapping track should unite sanlak with uttara

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