Swaragini New (Fan Fiction Chapter 25)


Hey guys i am here another epi. Hope u enjoy the saviours swaragini (just kidding). I read your comments i think they (sanlak & uttara) might not meet now. Shreya is 3years old pari and adarsh’s daughter. Abhay is uttara’s ex-boyfriend. Uttara’s nickname by sanlak is tommy. Enjoy the story
Recap:swaragini meet uttara.

Uttara turns and is shocked. Her is filled with tears. She wipes it her face gets angry. Who is she seeing sanlak??? No,it not sanlak!!! It’s abhay with his gf. She turns to swarag who sigh a relief.
Swara will be sitting btw uttarq and ragini with that chance ragini texts sanskar and laksh to hide she would explain later. So they behind a tree.
Fb ends
Sanlak are standing behind tree. They are overwhelmed seeing their tommy. They see uttara eyeing that makes her with tears. They is a guy. They are confused.
Just then ragini’s phone rings. It reads “phattu hubby”. Uttara sees it and says “i think ur husband is calling it’s time to leave”. She starts leaving with sleeping shreya on her arms and the kit. swara calls her she turns around, swara “can we meet today meet at the cafe on other side of road it’s good talking. So can we meet”. Uttara is shocked but she maintains the smile “ya evening 6pm and if ur husbands do not have problem”. She leaves.
Swarag and sanlak leave from there to hotel.

In one of their room all four are sitting. Sanskar occupied the bed and laksh one of the chair while swarag stand there with hands folded. It’s complete silent. Sanskar breaks the silence “ragini swara did u both see uttara disturbed after she turned back following ur eyes. I am sure she didn’t see us she is depressed about something”. Laksh “u both get ready it’s 4:30 u meet uttara. We will also come but sit behind u”. Swarag just nod.

In hotel at 6 uttara came. She sat opposite to swarag. They order some things and start chatting.
Uttara: ur husbands didn’t come ??
Swara: they are lazy and don’t want to be part boring spectators in our convo.
Rags: but they are too lovely. I bet they will be thinking of romance even now.
Uttara: so good hubby u both have got. Love marriage or arranged??
Swara: we loved eachother first. It’s like love at first sight. (she recollects her moments with laksh)

Rags: it was arranged as our families were already good frnds and much happy with this relation.
Swara: and now here we are for honeymoon.
Uttara: oh so cute. (her face gets sad thinking of abhay. Swarag notice it).
Ragini sits next to uttara.
Ragini:what happened? What’s making u sad?

Uttara thinks of abhay and tears well her eyes.
Swara holds her hand. Uttara tells everything. Behind two huge sighs come but doesn’t disturb them. It was sanlak behind them listening their convo. Their eyes are burning thinking that they couldn’t support their only sister as such time.
Uttara excuses herself to lavatory. She stumbles into a person sitting and their phone falls down. The phone glows showing ragsan pic. Uttara sees it as she is to return the phone. She is shocked seeing sanlak. The scene turns serene. The time seems to be frozen …….


Hi frnds hope u like. Sorry my thousand errors. When read my own update i feel embarrassed seeing the mistakes. And i will upadate hereafter every weekend. As i am held up to exams that are nearing. I must rush in ending up the story. I hope u be there till end.

Credit to: unknown

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