Swaragini New (Fan Fiction Chapter 23)


Recap: we saw present uttara. Parish daughter shreya. Swalak amd ragsan honeymoon to Switzerland.
Next day swalak and ragsan leave to swiss flight. They take blessings from everyone before tey leave. They have reached the airport. They check in early today. This Kolkata gave a bitter coldness to them after tugging themselves with some warmers the bogy tickles with sharp storks of breeze. Swara makes herself more seep into laksh. Ragini feels too sleepy as the flight was of morning flight has called up for boarding.

Swalak and ragsan have boarded into the flight. It’s almost a 12 hour journey. They would there at 8pm of the same day. Being an international flight they had booked in business class and four room type in different storey. Sanlak had never experienced economy class as usually it’s their dad who usually does the booking even if they get one they would get in groups loosing the opportunity. On other side swaragini have experienced it a time, they secretively lied to their dad booked their own tickets and enjoyed. They sit opposite to eachother as swarag in a seat and opposite sanlak. They shut the door.

The flight rises up air giving a salute to india and saying I would return with your family lost family found family broken family joint family a love or new relation or new hope courage.

Swalak and ragsan have still 12 hours to arrive. We can go to parish mansion.
It’s 4’o clock. The entire house is silent. But a silent voice moan breaks the tender silence persisting in the room. Uttara is sleeping but her body is shivering she trembling in fear she whispering something it turns to loud scream making her awake. Even parish woke up with noise. They rush to her room and see her in the corner of the room wincing in fear a terrible nightmare ade her life hell since abhay left her a week ago. Pari hugs her who seeps deep into the warming arms securing her and telling her to calm we are there. Pari gives a worried expression to adarsh who thinks the same. Uttara has quick glimpse of her nightmare.

She herself in lonely isolated desert running continuously as she runs her path behind disappears. She stops to grasp the breathe she fell into the black shadow. She is falling deeper deeper into dark shadow, the bright light above vanishes. She lands in a bed of thorns that is surrounded by beautiful petals of her loved ones. She stands she bleed she needs help the petals look her helplessly. She sees two angels but before they reach her she wakes up with startle asking for help.

She had similar dreams many times but not once the angels reached her. She was pushed to similar depression when left home as she went parish house. all three left to swiss. Her depression was soon removed by abhay her classmate her friend her love. Parish became rich reaching the sky in a year. One day she saw abhay kissing a girl and telling her uttara is just stupid girl believing I love her I love her money after marriage I will leave her with all the money. Uttara was left shocked. She reminisced the cute moments of hers and abhay’s. She ran crying as far as she could feeling the betrayal. She lost her trust on everyone except parish and shreya the innocent kid. She threw herself back into dungeon. Soon her vision blurred she stopped crying she fell on pari’s lap. Adarsh carried uttara to hospital immediately. Doctor went with her. Parish stood standing seeing the girl who was hurt badly. Though uttara is fire from outside she was sensitive sponge that could catch fire any time.

Next epi: swalak and ragsan reach swiss. Swalak and ragsan consummate their marriage. More about Uttara

Liked the epi guys I caught hold of my laptop today and I typed in ten min. sorry for typos. And as I was in hurry the epi may seem dull today but I wanted to show more uttara today than sanragswalak. I will try to update my next epi by tmrw if not it will surely be on Wednesday with two epis. Take care until. I love all who read the fanfics encouraging the writers. I would appreciate for the stories swansan fanfiction, solace of love, I dreamed a dream, and definitely of manmarziyan dt series and can love sparkle. Richu di your story winter tale is amazing with mysteries.

Credit to: unknown

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