Swaragini New (Fan Fiction Chapter 22)


It’s a fine morning and ap sees neither swalak or ragsan have come down. She goes to swalak room and find them missing. She next goes to ragsan room she opens and is shocked. She gives a wide smile the smile she lost when uttara and adarsh went away. She sees sanskar and laksh sitting in center bed close to one another and to their side ragini and swara in arms of sanskar and laksh respectively. (The order is from left to right swara laksh sanskar ragini). Ap removes the curtain letting the sharp rays penetrate in room. Swalak and ragsan are disturbed from deep slumber. They see ap and compose themselves. It’s 10:30 as they see time. They were hell late. They run to get ready.swalak have a race to room. Dp and rahul see them a smile.

A pretty girl wakes up on the snowy day of Christmas. Her tresses are compelete mess. She takes a warm shower. She wears a purple shirt and a mini skirt. She wears a thick fur coat and warm legins and wears a boot. She sees a photo of a guy and tears roll down her eyes she turns the music player blank space of Taylor swift plays. She here’s a voice from down “uttara u awake”. She’s uttara “yes pari bhabhi i will come down”. She wipes the drops in her eyes She tears the guys pic and angrily tells f*** you and throws the bits in air. She switches of the player and goes out. She comes to table. Adarsh comes and uttara hugs him. In these two years uttara’s life took many turns ups and downs. A baby crying sound from a room. Uttara goes to the room. The room has adarsh and pari’s pic and one with her also. She takes the baby in her hand and calms the baby. Uttara comes to pari who is in kitchen she tells “babhi shreya is crying think she is hungry u go i will see the cooking”. Pari in a jean and a warm full hand shirt takes shreya.
Shreya daughter of parish. 1year old too young for seeing many reality the happiest in home. Her cheeks are pink in winter snow.
Uttara cooks and arranges the breakfast table. She tells pari that she is going out. She walks through the shoveled roads. She sighs a mist covers her path. The chirstmas bells adorn every house with lights.

Swalak and ragsan come down. Dp says “come come come” rahul proceeds four passports and tickets and visa. It’s tickets to Switzerland dated 26/12 there is another four ticket dated 24/01/2016. Sanskar gives a questioning expression to dp and rahul. They tell it honeymoon tickets and say they shouldn’t see before that go enjoy.
Swarag in unison scream shopping. Sanlak “NO”. Swarag “YES DARLING ANY PROBLEM” sanlak shiver with the words. Swarag drag them out.
They reach mall it’s decorated for Christmas celebration. They entet the shop and select many dress. The reaches peak.
They reach evening and show what they bought to ap and sujata who are also keen about it. Laksh to sanskar “MIL and DIL have joined no work for us let’s leave”.

Uttara comes only evening home. In day she went the park and began crying terribly and says why abhay u betrayed me. She goes to tree there and sees abhay uttara craved in heart. She takes a stone and damages the names. Her hand bleeds.
She sits and say “why should i have so much pain i lost my dad my mom my sanlak bro and now my love abhay”. A hand gently rests on her shoulder. A old lady she sits next to her “my child today is Christmas the day of joy why are u crying and see ur hand is bleeding”. She dresses her wound uttara sees her teary. The lady continuous “i can see pain of love in ur eyes. Why are u crying who left u he is the u must feel for u. I think is unlucky. Don’t cry god has thought something better for u”. Uttara feels bit better with her words. And leaves thanking the lady.
She goes to abhay’s house and gives him a tight slap. She says “you don’t deserve me”. Abhay “are u mad”. She says “not as much as you”. She leaves there with abhay shocked behind.
Uttara is now in her room. With shreya who is playing in lap innocently. Shreya brings a happiness in uttara’s broken heart.

Next epi: swalak and ragsan leave to swiss. Flashback of the uttara’s life.

Credit to: unknown

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