Swaragini New (Fan Fiction Chapter 21)


Hi guys here is the epi u waited. I will tell the age of sanskar and laksh to avoid confusion before u read. Sanskar is 26 and laksh is 25. Swaragini are 23 years. Dp’s brother name will “rahul” in mine as used ram for piya’s pair.
Ap enters the room. Swaragini go near the the door and peep in. They see a purple coloured room there is a big photo of girl (the one in cover pic)right above the bed. On the corner of the photo a curvy font “tommy”. There is big teddy near the bed and whole room is curved beautiful painting. Ap goes and hugs the teddy tight and cries. There is a photo frame hung it has sanlak with a another guy and the same girl in jean and tank top with her hair strip coloured purple. Swaragini are about enter and ask why she is crying. They feel someone grabbing their and covering their mouth.
They are taken to ragsan room close by. SR ask sanlak why they bought them here.
Sanskar “why did u go there” bit angrily he asks.
Ragini “how u know we went there”.
Laksh “swara didn’t after long time so i came out and saw u both u going so we bought. And both of u never go there” he stresses the last words.
Swara “why we shouldn’t and who is that girl and that group photo teddy. Why do u want to hide from us. We are ur wives we have right to ask”
Sanlak nod eachother and they sit down.

FLASHBACK to 22 years back.
A three year old laksh protesting and running around the house not eating. 4 years old Sanskar is eating from ap. Laksh gets jealous and he goes and eats from a ap. A boy comes running. He is wearing uniform. He comes to ap and kisses her cheeks and tells “hi mama i am ready for school” correcting his tie. He sits next to sanlak waiting for driver to come and drop him school. They shake their tiny legs repeatedly sitting on sofa from where they can’t reach the ground.
Adarsh eldest son maheshwari family. Son of dp and ap. Elder brother of laksh and sanskar. He is two years elder to sanskar and three to laksh.
Sujata comes down and tells “jiji a good news i am going to become mom again”. She goes to sofa and sit next laksh sanskar and adarsh. She tells “u are gonna become elder brother”. All three hug her. Laksh in his kiddish voice tells “i am not youngest now hehehe”. Ap and suji see their sweet cute behavior.
SAL(sanskar adarsh laksh) make a circle and talk something and turn to sujata who sees them curious. Sanskar “ma we want sister” sujata “why sanskar” adarsh “chachi we want sister pls chachi ma”. Sujata see their cat eyes and smile seeing their innocent behavior.
10months later.

Sujata gets her labor pain while she sits to take rest. Rahul hurries her to hospital. Ap sits with kids and rahul walks tensedly. Dp has gone for business meet. The doctor comes and tells sujata is loosing hope as baby is feeling hard to come out. Asks ap to come inside to rise her hope. He gives her the gloves and mask before entering. Rahul is tensed in one place. While SAL are scared seeing everyone’s tensed face.
After some time doctor comes out and says it’s a girl to rahul. Nurse brings the baby covered and show to rahul and kids. Kids see it with bewildered hapiness. Rahul says “today uttara star shine bright in sky so we can name her uttara”.
18years past.

We see a bike entering the maheshwari mansion with high speed. It comes to halt the person is wearing a big cover bag of canvas. The puts on the stand and removes the helmet. A silky long hair with curls flows down. Her face so pretty her lips are pink rose petals. She gets down the bike. Places her helmet in bike. She removes the leather jacket. She is wearing a dress similar to the katrina wore in duniki song (mere brother ki dulhan) with boots. She enters the house and changes to sneakers. She places her canvas on the sofa and goes inner temple and prays. She applies the sindoor on her forehead and prays to the small ganesh idol “hai bappa make everyone in home like the painting”. She comes and sees sanlak coming. She hugs both. Sanskar “what uttara u are too happy”. Uttara “first u sit”. Sanlak oblige.

Uttara takes the glass cup and spoon. She bangs it making everyone come hall. All assemble. Uttara sees all she asks “adarsh bhaiya hasn’t come yet”. She shouts adarsh bhaiya. A deep male voice comes “i am coming tommy”. A young boy comes wearing a formal dress. He sees sanlak “you both came early today from college”. Sanlak “today only we came at right time. Uttara makes adarsh sit. She takes out the painting and says “tada”.

A beautifully stroked painting of girl in a highland enjoying the strong breeze and sunset with her arm wide open to grab the sun if she can. All appreciate uttara for painting. Uttara “wait!” she take something from her bag it’s a cup. Uttara “first prize in national level first place in paint competition”. Uttara and SAL have group hug. She turns to sujata “ma today we have our fresher party in college and we must go in saree help me na”. Sanskar “i will help my tommy”. Uttara “bhai” making a cute expression.

Later the evening sujata makes uttara wear a purple saree (purple is her fav). Sanskar opens the door suddenly and says “ma shush. Laksh is searching don’t react. Uttara is only left with down pleat and pallu now. Sanskar sees sujata making uttara wear the saree. This is how he knows to tie saree. She wears a diamond set jewels. She looks gorgeous.
Uttara comes down. Ap says “don’t know where sun rose today uttara in traditional outfit”. Uttara was born bought all with her brothers and being only daughter see is given all liberty.
Later at night she hugs her teddy and sleeps. The huge teddy was gifted by SAL on her tenth bd. SAL had collected thousand rupees in a month and bought it specially for her. Uttara never sleeps without her teddy.

After 2 months
A good sunday all are talking nonchalantly. Adarsh is seen no where. That time adarsh comes in wearing garland holding a girls hand. All are shocked. Ap asks what’s this. Adarsh says “she parineeta my wife”. Ap says “if u love u could have told we would have married u happily”. Adarsh “ma i told papa but he refused the alliance. I was forced to marry her”.
Dp comes with raghav lekh. Dp “what’s this joke going on”. He comes to know everything he gets furious but calms down and tell “marriage has happened but i can’t accept her as my bahu”. Pari cries a bit.
Later sanskar laksh and uttara meet pari and introduce themselves. Pari soon gets along with them.
After 2months
Dp enters furiously and calls everyone. Parish, sanlak and uttara and others assemble in the hall. Dp comes to adarsh and slaps him. Dp says “how dare take money from my office without permission u stole 5 crores”. Dp tells it’s all because of parineeta. She cries. Adarsh gets furious and leaves the house with pari.
Past 2weeks.

All are still sad of parish leaving the house. Uttara comes to dining. She tells to dp “bade papa i have got an offer for abroad study for painting can i go”. Dp refuses. Uttara insists. Dp says “enough uttara u are not going means u are not end this matter here”.
Uttara”why should i bade papa. You never give opportunity to anyone u want whole family to follow ur steps. You give us chance to dream but never allows to fulfill. Adarash bhaiya wanted to become an architect but u made him a bussiness men. Why bade papa? Bade papa pls allow me to live my dreams”.

Dp “sorry uttara end this topic here. And i don’t know anyone adarsh”.
All are shocked. Uttara runs to her room. Sanlak try to go behind her but dp stops them. Uttara turns and see sanlak helpless. She nods her head in disgust towards them.
She comes down with her bags and says “mr. Durga prasad maheshwari i leaving the house which has no liberty to dream. Tood bye”. She salutes and leaves teary.

Sanlam breakdown. Laksh “that we were helpless so does today. After uttara went everything became sour. I and sanskar began to fight”. Sanskar “but after we proved raghav guilt my understood adarsh bhai is not at fault. We searched them but we couldn’t find”. Sanlak say it is all their mistake. Swara and ragini hug laksh and sanskar respectively and compose them. Sanlak continued crying….
Next epi: swalak and ragsan recieve honey moon ticket to Switzerland

Like the epi. Do comment. Uttara will have a pair soon. Like uttara character

Credit to: unknown

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