Swaragini New (Fan Fiction Chapter 20)

Swaragini come from kitchen carrying dishes. They are wearing apron. Swara had hid the ipad behind it. She gets ragini’s apron and asks permission to keep it. She rushes to her room. She hears someone behind her. Before she could turn he hugs her from behind. Laksh says swara with frustration. Laksh feels something her tummy and slids his hand to her bare waist. He takes out the ipad and sees. He understands everything. He tells “i can taste sumi moms food today”. Swara asks not to tell anyone he acts as he zipped the mouth. They come down
All like the food and appreciate SR.

Laksh sits next to laksh and tells something ragini notices it. Sanskar has the food and tells “wow ragini ur mom makes good food”. All look at him shocked. Sujata asks what’s he telling. Sanskar “ma i said ragini’s mom cooks well that’s why dish is nice. The person who teaches is always good in it. If ragini is cooking nice like definitely her mom would have taught her so she cooks. We appreciate guru no mom”. Sujata nods bit confused.
Later at sanrag room

Ragini comes to sanskar and asks how he knows her mom helped them. Sanskar tells just now u told. Ragini is confused. Sanskar giggles “ragini i know u both don’t know to cook so i connected what would have happened there”.

“Swara… Ragini come down ur frnds siya piya are here” came ap’s voice.SR exited go down with SL. Swaragini see them in anarkali and come to them. All four have group hug. Sanskar and laksh come there. Siya piya in unison”jiju….s”. Swaragini turn their face from them. Siya asks ragini “what happened”. Ragini says “u both didn’t come for our marriage and….” she notices mehendi in their hand “mehendi in your hands. Siya piya blush. Swara “what’s making ur faces Apple red. Piya “yesterday was our mehendi so didn’t come”. Swaragini congratulate them. Sanskar asks who is their to be. Piya says “see tomorrow in our wedding and by the jiju yesterday evening it was ladies function so we sent them to your wedding”.

Siya continuous “you didn’t do good with them jiju you took photo with them but u didn’t do good with them jiju”. Laksh “what we didn’t do good”. Piya “jiju u didn’t do good” they turn SR and ask them to come with jiju. They leave but before they step out siya piya turn and say “jiju… U didn’t do good with them” and leave.

Sanskar scratches his head and repeats “what we didn’t do good”. SL go with thinking. SR laugh at them and says in unison “you didn’t do good with us”. SL looked up quizzical, sanskar “what happend now” ragini”u both promised us to take out and now we have to also buy gift for siya nd piya”

All four go shopping and come home evening exhausted. It’s soon night the couple our in their room.
Ragini has shifted to shorts and shirt and sanskar to trouser and shirt. They are sitting on bed. Sanskar still whispers what i didn’t do good with them. Ragini is vexed and bangs her head with her hand. She turns to sanskar, grabs his collar, sits on him, pulls him closer and kisses him. Sanskar is utterly shocked as this happens in sec. Ragini says “ek dum chup (completely silent)”. She gets down and lies down and pulls sanskar also to bed. Sanskar repeats what i didn’t do good. Ragini with her eyes shut next time you won’t get kiss only beating and doses off to sleep”.

Even laksh is murmuring same thing. Swara sitting next on bed with legs crossed and places her chin on her head and makes idiotic face. She takes the pillow and hits him he says “swara dard ho raha hai (it’s paining)”. Swara says “mera kaan bhi dard ho raha (even my ears are paining). From morning i am hearing same thing”. Laksh “but swara what i didn’t do good”. Swara takes and keeps over his mouth pushing him to bed and putting her legs on either side of his waist and asks him to be quite. Laksh pulls her close to him and whispers the same thing near ears making her go mad. She hits him vigorously. She gets down and sleeps next to him with her face turned to other side”.
Next day SR and SL leave for siya piya marriage. They tell dp and leave.

They reach there and see the brides ready beautifully. Baraat sound comes. All four go out to see the groom. They are shocked. The grooms get down the horse and hug sanlak and says “namskar bhabhi”. Ragini “OMI” and swara “RAM” well they are the grooms. Sanlak hits them for not informing, ram “ouch bro its paining” omi” bro our brides are waiting”. Sanlak say u both our dead after wedding. They take their place in mandap.

wedding takes place. Later siya piya come to sanlak and say “jiju u didn’t do good with them”. Siya “u took their bikes and made them walk”. Laksh “oh sorry my two babhi”. All eight have fun.

Next epi: swara sees ap going somewhere at night even ragini sees. Both follow ap and see her going to a looked room at end of the corridor.

I wrote some dialogue in hindi to make it somewhat liveli but i even gave it’s translation. By the u didn’t do good with me. Very less comments 🙁 😛 .

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