Swaragini New (Fan Fiction Chapter 20 Contd.)


At siya piya marriage
They feel bored so to enlighten the mood swara ask siya piya to play the instrument. They brings siya’s flute and piya’s violin. They start melody. Swara and ragini grab their partner and start dancing. Ram stops piya and plays the music player set there, loud zehnaseeb plays. All eight start dancing. Soon others join with their partner. It gets lively. The next song plays “love is waste of time” from pk. Swaragini start lip movement for female part and sanlak for male and everyone for “ha ha ha ahaha ha ha ha…..”. As song ends all start to laugh. It’s time vidaai. The eyes that were filled with laughter turn teary in sad. Swara went SP’s mom “aunty ji do u want another fun music or we will play” ragini “don’t worry aunty send ur daughters smiling if u cry they cry should they go sad so wipe your tears” SP mom stops crying and puts on a smile on her face.

Soon swaragini also leave to home.
It’s evening as they enter. They see some ladies. Swalak and ragsan go to them to take blessing. All the ladies bless them. One lady tells “your bahus are pretty. You know i have put my daughter in a arts academy she very good artist”. All start chatting but none notice the sad face of Ap and sujata. Soon sanlak sneak with a reason of phone call leaving swara amd ragini there. SR eye them angrily. Swara thinks “yaar why these aunties always gossiping like hen (buckbuckbuck)and that lucky left me here” ragini makes a fake smile to all and fumes in her mind and thinks “sans darling today your cheeks gona become buns”.
All the ladies leave.

Sujata turns to AP “jiji atlast they went”
Ap “you should not tell like that”
swara “but you also felt like when they will go no ma we can see ma it.”
Ragini “and ma can we go to our room we are tired”
Ap “ok go but be at dinner soon”
Swara “yes ma there is couple of hours to go”
SR “ok ma we leave”
Sujata and AP nod.

Swara enters the room and see laksh working in his laptop she closes it and stands with her hands folded and stares at him. Laksh understands the reason for her anger. He tells “shona seriously i got a call from office to send the presentation if u want see the laptop i am doing that”. Swara sees it and forgives him. She goes and sits next to him. Laksh “swara in childhood u are so fat” waving a pic of hers. Swara asks him to give but laksh starts running he goes out of room.
Meanwhile sanrag room. Ragini enters angrily. Sanskar adds some kerosene to burning fire saying “hey laado how was the chip chip talk of them” making a bird look. Ragini sees a plastic flower in a vase and takes it. She turns it to sharp edge. Ragini “it was so nice my patidev”. Sanskar gets her words and starts running “no rags u are good girl” rags “who told”. She starts chasing him. He manages to go out of room.

Both laksh and sanskar take the parallel stairs. They see each other “mera bhai” both shout in unison. The girls are chasing them. They around whole house going zigzag around the pillars. AP and sujata see them and laugh.

Laksh goes behind ap and sanskar goes behind sujata. Swara and ragini stop in front of them.
Swara to ap:ma laksh is teasing me with the pic ask him to give my photo
Ragini to suji:ma he is simply irritating me
Lucky to ap: ma don’t come in her talks.
Sansky to suji: ma pls save me.
Suji and ap see all their childish face “what have we got to do btw husband and wife” says suji retreating. Ap pulls laksh ears “swara he is all yours”. Sanlak say “MA” and SR complete “thanx ma”.
They run to garden. Ragini sees some rangoli powder and swara takes the water pipe. Sanlak “no” they are cornered to dead end. Ragini throws the colour on them and swara pours water. Sanlak are wet and with full colors. SR hi five and burst into laugh. SR “score clear”. SL “not yet”. SL come close to their pair.
The girls run to room.

Sanskar comes to ragini in their room. He pins her and rubs the colours on him to her. And same thing happens to swara.
It’s night the pairs come for dinner. Dp and his bro laugh seeing them. Dp “how was the today’s jogging felt refreshing”. Sanskar and laksh are embarrassed while SR blush taking the food to serve.

At night
Ragini is wearing a white patiala and kurthi top. They are too tired so go to immediate sleep.
Swara changes to night pajamas. She sees laksh working and sits for some time. She starts cough and goes to get water leaving laksh in the room. He switches of the lights and works.
Swara gets the water and climbs up. She sees ap sneaking and going somewhere with torch. Swara follows her anonymously. Ap goes past ragsan room. Ragini is disturbed of light and comes out to see. She sees ap going somewhere and opens her mouth to call her. But swara comes at right time and closes her mouth. Swara keeps the water jug near the corridor table near vase. The girls go behind ap.
Ap goes near the same door that i saw on their marriage day. The door covered with dust in edge of corridor. Ap looks around and SR hide behind a curtain of other room. Ap is confirmed none is there and opens the door and gets in. SR go near the door, peep inside and is shocked seeing something . Screen freezes with SR shocked face and ap’s teary eye.

Next epi: SR are about to enter to ask whats happening to ap but sanlak grab them to sanrag room.

I hope u guys liked it. This week i am flowing with ideas. Actually i wanted reveal it today but i wanted it to be seprate one without any other things. According to my plan it’s gonna be full drama from 21st epi(next one for sure) to 40 and 40-50 all happy happy. I will end with half century. Don’t worry guys i think i will make story a bit fast moving now. I have even planned my next ff based on swasan and raglak. I wish u appreciate me for that too. Guys pls support me it’s all i want.
Thanx hayathi liya sinduja riya noura and lots more for encouraging me. This is the probably biggest msg. Do enjoy this full on drama20 (just cracked name 😀 ).
You will get next episode (i.e. 21st epi) on 23 dec which is on Wednesday. My exam end that day so. Guys who are having exam all the best and it’s for me too. And new entry is uttara she will cool girl so suggest an actress who looks around 20 and should be cool type.Bye have good day. Yours unknown.

Credit to: unknown

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    2. Hi richu di i will update on 23 definitely. I will read ur update then and tell di. Waise merryxmas

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