Swaragini New (Fan Fiction Chapter 2 – Part IV)


Laksh POV in the hall:
Laksh sees the door opening and looks the person’s name in the list it’s “swara”. His lips smile without his knowledge but thinks he should be stiff. He looks at her he wants hug but holds the chair not to do so. Her face looks him with same expression. His heart longs her more but his mind hits him be stiff. His hand and lips act as mind says. She starts singing. His hears became sharp her voice activating his every cell. In no time it ends he wants it more but again his mind snaps him to clap and give a professional handshake. He does so and she responds the same. He sees her leaving but wants to stop her. As door closes he melts in the chair and breathes heavily as if he had held it all the while long. He takes the pen writes the name swara on top and remembers her voice singing in his mind.
Sankar’s POV in the hall:

Sanskar is exited as he was waiting for this name the whole time. He sees her entering and getting all set for singing. Her eyes meets him. He notices her frowning it does suit. She starts singing the song he sees it is ragam portraying anger. His heart softly wants ask her do u have so much anger on me. Her song ends the atmosphere turns silent. To break the silence he claps and gives her handshake. The same thin hand in his hand. He wants to pull her close to him but notices she is trying break his hand. He smile seeing her and she turn and leaves. He sits and starts writing the 20singers selected by him.
After 15minutes diasy comes and announces everyone to assemble the head is coming to announce the results. Sanlak come with a paper. They congratulate all for good performance but only 40 are selected 20 from each genre. Laksh starts first he goes “swara…….piya…..” swara and piya congrats each other and wait for their sisters result. Sanskar starts “……siya….” swara and ragini’s face are tensed of last name. Sanskar announces ” ragini”. swara runs and hugs ragini both are happy. Sanlak eye the girls and smile.

Next epi: ch-3 swaragini revealing their dream to shekar
If possible i will update next chapter soon.

Credit to: unknown

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