Swaragini New (Fan Fiction Chapter 2 – Part III)

Swara and ragini get impatient in next 15 minute. They a girl humming a song with her earphones they call her asks her name. The girls takes the earphone and says “i am piya and opposite a girl is sitting right she is my sister siya
And yourself”.
Swara: i am swara and this is ragini.
Ragini: even we are sister .
Piya: both have opted western. Because this side is western and opp.is classical.
Ragini: oh! I didn’t know it i better go there well nice meeting you.
Piya: well wait i will call sis so we all can become frnds.
Siya !!!
Siya comes there.
Piya : this is swara and ragini our new frnd. I hope ragini will accompany you.
Siya: wow i am delighted.
Ragini and siya take the seat opposite and they start chit chat. Riya and siya sharma are daughters of gaurav sharma a famous industrialist. They are thin, tall with same taste siya is a year younger to riya but not seem a difference. Both like to be modern so now riya is wearing a blue jean with red top and siya is wearing a black jean with orange top.
Diasy comes there and invites everyone as the admission has begun and reads out every name and their genre. It finally starts. Swaragini and siya-piya is the last name. They wait an other half an hour. Siya and piya name is called they get on their nerves the hands has goosebumps scared. After 5minutes they come out smiling. Swara and ragini is called they proceed to their hall.
Swara POV in hall:
She enters the room. It’s cooled completely with the air conditioner working for 1hour. She looks up to see the judge or the person taking audition. She is shocked seeing the person it’s “Laksh maheshwari”the guy who she met out, the guy made brain go crazy all for a minute. She sees him asking her to take the place. She actually sweating now. She hides it with the smile. He asks her to start her song. She thinks “why is he so professional, shut ur mind start the song swara.” she starts singing the room echoing only her voice so clear and rocking the ground with guitar. She didn’t bring one they have to select it from there. As swara completes laksh claps saying her it’s good and gives her a warm handshake saying the results will be out soon. Swara turns around and runs out as she can’t stand there even for a second.
Ragini POV in the hall:
Ragini enters the hall and takes the veena kept there and sits down on the cushion laid down. She looked up, eyebrows narrowed seeing the wide smiling familiar face that was smiling the same some hour before. She still had anger in her face and played a vigourous tone portraying anger. Her veena sound and her voice matched perfectly. After she saw sanskar proceeding his hand for handshake. Ragini thinks ” this patu needs handshake. She places the veena down and gives a firm handshake paining his hand. She give a fake smile and leaves in anger. She comes out.
Swara and ragini see eachother and think ” for my sister i will join here otherwise who wants this patu as boss”
Next epi: sanlak POV and results
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